Jul 272015
It's ok, my dear...

It’s ok. It’s ok to just go to yoga because you want to move your body, not because you’re looking for spiritual ‘ah-ha’s. It’s ok to enjoy your job (yes, really) and not be swept up in the need to change it. It’s ok to be like your parents. It’s ok to procrastinate sometimes. Maybe […read more]

Jul 272015
10 Quotes about Change

  If you’re anything like me, you love a good quote! Even though I think it’s easy to be bombarded with motivational quotes, especially on social media, that feeling when you read something and it just grabs you is pretty special. I love collecting pretty, uplifting quotes, and you can see them all by following […read more]

Jun 232015
Uncovering and Remembering 'You' during Chronic Illness

  Yes, you. No, not that you- that one, there! There you are! Hello! Bless you, glowing and flickering like an excited little candle. You see, I’m sure you’ve probably forgotten all about you. I’m not talking about you ‘the mother’, you ‘the daughter’, you ‘the worker’, you ‘the ill person’ or you ‘the person […read more]

Jun 022015
The End of Woo Woo

  I’ve been incredibly guilty in the past of apologising for being interested in alternative therapies and things that are a little bit ‘woo woo’. I asked you all on Facebook one night if you felt the same as I did (a little bit frightened to admit this to people) and the reaction was mixed- some […read more]