Jan 272015
The One Emotion Worse Than Fear

  What is the one emotion worse than fear?! Apathy. Total and complete apathy.   The one emotion worse than fear.   Extreme ‘couldn’t care less’-ness (and truly meaning it). Couldn’t give a sh*t. Genuine nonchalance. Stuck. An unwinding. Knowing how to unstick yourself, but you can’t be bothered to go there. Getting someone else to […read more]

Jan 202015
How To Love Your Past

Taken from here with gratitude Don’t look back- you’ve been there done that. It’s boring and unadventurous. They say that life’s a journey. How can you journey if you’re not moving forward? Standing still gains perspective, but the journey gains inspiration. Forgive your past wrongs, but also love them unconditionally. They form part of your unique […read more]

Dec 122014
When it all seems impossible...

Sometimes living with chronic illness can just seem absolutely impossible. It’s an impossible situation in impossible circumstances with an impossible outlook and future. I know exactly what you’re going through. Even though you feeling completely alone, you try to push others away, because you know they just won’t get it. Here are few words to […read more]