Oct 192014
Thought for Today

Thought for Today on Energy Let energy flow through you effortlessly. Even if you think there is nothing to spare, there is an abundance of energy which you can access now. Let to flow to every part, membrane and cell of your body. Affirm its existence. Be peaceful. Be brave. Be bold. Be reassured. Image […read more]

Sep 262014
Are You Suffering from Wellness Overload?!

  This post was reblogged from an article I had published on MindBodyGreen. Wellness overload? Is there such a thing?! Enough already! Well, a few months ago, I was pretty close to it. I was doing apple cider vinegar, visualization, and rose quartz, but I wasn’t doing bean sprouts, mudras or clearing rooms with sage. […read more]

Sep 222014
The Power of Words

I’ve always been a big believer in the power of words and expressing yourself in a way that is comforting and empowering to both yourself and others. Although I’ve struggled with finding my authentic voice and being confident in voicing my opinions, I truly believe that once I changed the stories I was telling myself, […read more]

Aug 072014
3 Must-Watch CFS Videos

  I’m so, so excited to be writing this post today. I’m so incredibly enthusiastic about this topic that I’ve just burst into song and done a little dance round my kitchen (seriously!)! Woohoo! I think if you’ve been following my blog for a little while now you’ll know that I’m incredibly interested in Mind-Body Medicine and […read more]

Dec 202013
The Best Blogs of 2013

  I’ve been meaning to write a post like this for a while, but I thought that putting this together for you just before Christmas might give you a little bit of time to enjoy and savour some bloggy bits that I’ve been pouring over this year. There are some very special people out there […read more]