Oct 022013
Why I'm Taking A 10-Day Complete Internet Break

  I recently saw this graphic on beautiful Leonie Dawson‘s Facebook page and laughed out loud. In fact, I think it might have been one of those self-embracing, humiliating, ‘I know you’re talking to me’ uncomfortable laughs. Getting My Tech On I’ve always been one of those ‘everything has its place’ internet people. I still […read more]

Apr 092013
A New Website and Vlogging!

Hi everyone! This is just a short post to mark the historic arrival of two important milestones in Conquering Fear Spiritually’s history! Yahoo! Firstly, you’ll probably notice if you’ve made it this far(!) that the website has been changed a little bit to make it more readable and it therefore allows me to help you through those […read more]

Feb 182013
Celebrating the Small Things

It took me a long time to accept during my period of illness that the magic of every day was in the little things- the things that some healthier people maybe took for granted. But whether you have CFS or not, there is knowledge and wisdom to be had celebrating the small things. * Waking […read more]