Sep 232015
{AUDIO} Redefining Success

  As I’ll explain in my latest Soundcloud audio recording (love doing these for you!), my world is filled with a lot of ‘career’ talk at the moment, and it seems as though a lot of people are going through job/work-based transitions. Artwork taken from here The word ‘success’ has never really sat comfortably with […read more]

Jul 272015
It's ok, my dear...

It’s ok. It’s ok to just go to yoga because you want to move your body, not because you’re looking for spiritual ‘ah-ha’s. It’s ok to enjoy your job (yes, really) and not be swept up in the need to change it. It’s ok to be like your parents. It’s ok to procrastinate sometimes. Maybe […read more]

Jun 252015
Shopping and Spirituality

  For a while now, I’ve felt a little bit dirty and almost guilty for going shopping. I used to love window shopping with my Mum when I lived back in the UK, but all that changed when I moved to London. All those crowds meant that even when I desperately needed to buy something […read more]