Jun 232015
Uncovering and Remembering 'You' during Chronic Illness

  Yes, you. No, not that you- that one, there! There you are! Hello! Bless you, glowing and flickering like an excited little candle. You see, I’m sure you’ve probably forgotten all about you. I’m not talking about you ‘the mother’, you ‘the daughter’, you ‘the worker’, you ‘the ill person’ or you ‘the person […read more]

Mar 302015
My 3 Favourite Natural Beauty Brands

  My Mum has always loved testing out new make-up and beauty products. If she wasn’t an art teacher, she’d be working for a make-up company, developing products and helping everyone feel fabulous. She’s always experimenting with the latest formulas and I think I’ve always been quite interested in this too. However, since moving to […read more]

Mar 242015
Introducing the Take Care Project

  (Enrolments have now closed). What? The Take Care Project is about something simple, which many of us (including myself) forget from time-to-time- that if we’re not taking care of ourselves, we can’t be of service to others, and we’re also doing ourselves a complete disservice. Many of us (again, my hand’s going up here) think […read more]