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May 122015
May 12th Collage


As I mentioned on my Facebook page a little while ago, I’ve become very interested over the last few months in not just helping people with CFS/M.E, but in spreading the word about the illness, in making people aware of the condition and in trying to somehow smash the myth that we’re all just lazy people ,and we should pull ourselves together and go and get a job.

Although I’m not as far ahead with this as I’d like to be (spot the type-A, future tripping Aquarius!), I am getting there, and sometimes we all need to pat ourselves on the back sometimes. What seems like a tiny baby step for one person is a monumental leap for someone else.

This is why May 12th is so important. This is why we need others to know what it’s like to have the illness and in some way, try to move forward to starting a conversation about treatment, healing and awareness.

CFS Awareness Day Offerings

I’ve put together these CFS Awareness Day Offerings for you in the hope that you can not only benefit yourselves, but also so your family and friends might also be able to begin to understand what it’s like for you. Sometimes, just giving someone a window into your world is all it takes to open up a whole world of understanding.

These offerings are for a limited time only, so please take advantage, and spread the word by sharing with anyone who you think would benefit.

CFS Offering 1

A FREE CFS e-book for family and friends on what it’s really like to have CFS/M.E.

This short book is full of everything we’d really like to say, but sometime can’t find the energy to. Give it to your nearest and dearest when your words fail you and you need to express yourself.

Click here or on the image below to download your copy.

Family and Friends E-Book CFS

CFS Offering 2

Both of my current e-books (on CFS Acceptance and CFS Relapse) together in a bundle for $10 AUD. 

This offer will end this  Friday (15/5/15) at 6pm AEST (Sydney time), so take advantage now.

This offer has now expired.


CFS Offering 3

50% off all 1:1 CFS Mentoring packages and sessions if booked before this Friday (15/05/15) at 6pm AEST (Sydney time).  – This offer has now expired.

After this time, the sessions will go back to their normal price.

Click here for all the details and email me if you can’t find a session time to suit you.

cfs mentoring

I really hope there’s something in here that can help you my love, and that others can benefit from the knowledge raised during May 12th.

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any comments or questions.

What would you like to see happen as a result of May 12th? Share your thoughts below.

Love and awareness,

Katie     xxx

For more fantastic CFS, M.E. and Chronic illness resources, click here for my useful links list, and click here for the official May 12th website.

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  1. Thank you for the gifts and offers Katie.
    Your are doing a wonderful job.

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