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Aug 222014


I’m so, so excited today my darlings to tell you about a gorgeous, new program created by my lovely friend and fellow Sydney-sider, Corona Brady-Rogers. Corona is a blogger, yoga teacher, wellness coach, Reiki healer and more, and if there’s one lady who practises what she preaches, it’s definitely Corona. When you meet Corona, she glows with sheer joy and love (I mean look at her- she’s gorgeous!) She’s completely dedicated to helping others heal themselves and live their best life.

Today, Corona is launching a gorgeous, heart-felt online program, ‘Creating a Soulful Life’, and I just wanted to let you know a little bit more about it. Corona has poured her heart, soul and incredible wisdom into this program, and I know you’re going to love what she’s created. For some of you, this will be just what you’re looking for.


Why did Corona create the program?

This project came about because Corona wanted to share with others what had worked for her in her own soul transformation and life. S had a longing, a desire to create this program for some time and eventually last October, she got to work on it. Overall, it took her 8 months to produce. As a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer, she’s spent so many years buried in discovering her essence, her true nature through various trainings, programs and courses as well as devouring lots of personal development and spirituality books.

When life wasn’t working for her, as in when she was in a job and career that was making her miserable and sick, Corona was exercising to the extreme and basically doing all the wrong things for her body. She decided to stop looking outside of herself. Corona decided it was finally time to journey within and started to connect with my heart and my intuition. She looked at what was really going on within the workings of her mind – her beliefs, her fears, her worries, her anxieties, and her values and why she kept facing obstacle after obstacle.

What Corona noticed was that the more she committed to working on her inner world and healing the relationship with herself, her external world started to reflect this. She started to change in a very positive way. She started practicing and teaching yoga, she committed to a regular daily meditation and spiritual practice, she started to learn about visualisation and manifestations and she started really making her dreams come true. Corona started creating and living her very own soulful life. What she came to realise on this journey is that going soul-deep is the key to creating lasting change. It’s the secret to living a life that actually feels good.

Who is ‘Creating a Soulful Life’ for?

This program is for absolutely anyone and everyone that feels like there’s something missing in their life. Maybe they are feeling completely and utterly lost. They have no passion, no purpose and no idea on how to go about fixing it. Perhaps they are stressed-out, struggling, and seriously wondering if this is all there is. Perhaps they are simply fed up of their fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs stopping them from moving forward and reaching for their dreams. Perhaps they are wanting more happiness, joy, freedom, fulfilment, confidence and inner peace in their lives, or perhaps they are simply fed up of playing small and are ready to live a bigger and more satisfying life.

In a nutshell, the program is all about:

// Incredible family of soul sisters
// Supportive, loving and soulful community
// Deep soul connection
// A joyful, loved-up, blissed-out life
// A 12 week program to dive deep, shine bright & live a life you love
// To create change, you’ve gotta go deep. Soul-deep.
// Soul Transformation
// If you don’t get deep into the heart of why you’re stuck, why you’re feeling trapped, why everything is such a struggle, you can never create real, lasting change.
// It’s about delving deep into the real reasons why there’s something missing in your life. It’s about turning to the innermost corners of your being to guide the course of your outer life. It’s about helping you find your light and giving you permission to beam it out into the world.
// Think self-discovery, electric insights, trusty tools … and the love-laden strategies to put it all into action.


How does it work?

‘Creating a Soul Life’ is split into 3 ‘branches’ (I love this idea!): your soul, your truth and your life. Click here to read more about the topics covered in individual weeks (they’re so gorgeous and juicy!). The program includes meditations, yoga classes, a guided cleanse, coaching and workbooks. You’ll also join a gorgeous Facebook group and you’ll get lifetime access to the program.

Further details

This round starts on September 15th- enrolments opened yesterday, so be quick! The program last for 12 weeks.

I’m so excited to share this with you my darlings. Click here to access the main website and watch Corona herself introduce the program.

Here’s to creating your own soulful life!

Love, Katie     xxx


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