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Feb 122015
birthday giveaway


To celebrate my Birthday at the end of January and my two-year blogging Birthday coming up in the next few days, I decided to put a little package of my very favourite bits and pieces together and give them all to one of you lovely, lovely people. This is just a small token of my gratitude for the incredible love and support you’ve shown me over the last few years. You are truly wonderful and I feel so blessed to have such an open-minded, growing community.

* This Giveaway is now closed *

birthday giveaway


An Angelite Protection Angel from Lemon Canary

lemon canary angelitePhoto taken from the Lemon Canary website

I knew when I was thinking about what I wanted to include in the Birthday Giveaway prize bundle that I had to have something from Lemon Canary in there. Their range of boutique, soy candles is absolutely out of this world, and there is so much love and intention in absolutely everything Jasmine touches.

Angelite aids with feelings of ease, intuition, guidance and protection, and is therefore the perfect stone for you when stepping out on your healing journey. It all comes down to listening to your own needs, rather than being influenced by anyone else’s and angelite will help you on this path.

A Pack of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Cards


As many of you might know after reading this post, I was fearful about using oracle and tarot cards for a long time (far too ‘woo woo’- whatever that means). However, this is the deck that changed everything for me and inspired me to offer my own intuitive readings here on the blog. I very quickly decided to enrol in Doreen’s online Certified Angel Card Reader class (so proud of my certificate!), and the rest as they say is history.

This is a brand new, sealed pack of Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine‘s Angel Tarot Cards. The artwork inside is just breathtaking and I am constantly surprised (and reassured) by how beautifully accurate they are. All of the guidance is loving, not frightening, and the love and attention that went into creating it the deck is truly noticeable through the cards. It’s a wonderful deck if you’re brand new to tarot reading, as it really holds your hand and guides you along the way. It’s also great for those who have some experience with the cards, but fancy getting guidance using another deck.

Click here for more reviews and information.

A Pack of Kikki K ‘Live Bright’ Quote Cards


I am officially a huge Kikki K addict. Whenever a Birthday or celebration comes around, my husband knows exactly where to go- it’s a pretty stationary lover’s dream come true. I remember being absolutely elated when I first stumbled into one of their stores in Sydney.

This little gift comes from one of my favourite Kikki K ranges, the ‘Live Bright’ range. There is just something about the combination and colours highlighted with colour that really appeals to me. I even have one of the phone covers, and it really focuses my mind when I’m feeling a bit flappy.

These are not gift cards, but a single piece of card which is slotted into the wooden stand supplied and placed anywhere where it can be seen regularly (mine is on my desk and I change the card regularly for fresh inspiration).

Bronnie Ware’s ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying’

regrets of the dying

I picked this up in a little book shop in Noosa, Queensland just before we got married last year, and I knew it had fallen off the shelf for a reason. I don’t really want to give you too many details about it, because I think this book takes the reader on a very intimate and personal journey. There has been a lot of press coverage around this book and for very good reason.

Please note: the sticker on the back of the book did not want to budge and I didn’t want to damage the cover. Please forgive this little oversight!

To read more about this incredible book, click here.

PLUS: A Copy of both of my Ebooks- CFS Acceptance and CFS Relapse

Click here for testimonials and the contents of each book.

AND: A Three-Card Intuitive Reading


This can be a ‘see what we find’ kind of reading, or you can ask questions based around a certain area of your life (I love giving these readings so much! Yeee!)

Click here for all the details, and to find out how and why I give readings.



Please take a moment to read these guidelines before entering.

Super Important Giveaway Guidelines

  • All prizes come as one package- unfortunately, I’m not able to separate the package into smaller parts, add or take anything away. It’s one big bundle of love! (If you’re the winner and you already own one of the prizes, think about giving it to a lovely friend, family member of neighbour.)
  • You can enter from anywhere in the world. However, postage prices have gone up in Australia recently (have they ever!), so I’ll be opting for standard snail mail, rather than an express delivery service.
  • The winner will be selected from all the entries below and posted on my Facebook page on the evening of Thursday 19th February at 8pm AEDT (Sydney time). Any entires submitted after 6pm AEDT on Thursday 19th February will not be accepted.
  • The winner should email me asap ( after being notified with their mailing address, so we can get the goodies in your lovely hands asap. The ebooks and three-card-reading will be emailed out to you once we’re in touch.

How To Enter

All you have to do is answer this Kikki K-inspired question in the comments section below this post:

* What does Living Brightly mean to you? *

Make sure you type in your full name and email address when posting, so I can get in touch with you if you’re our lucky winner. If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to read the Guidelines above as well.

* This Giveaway is now closed *

Best of luck my darling, and please feel free to share with anyone who might welcome a little love into their life.

Thank you for helping me celebrate my Birthdays!

Lots of love,

Katie     xxx

  28 Responses to “My Double-Birthday Giveaway!”

  1. Hi Katie! I’d like to enter the giveaway (and belated Happy Birthday to you!).

    When I think of Living Brightly, I have a very physical reaction in my body prior to any verbal reaction. Here’s what happens:

    My shoulders drop down and back.
    My chest lifts as if being attached by a string to a glowing sun and clear blue sky in front of me.
    My chin and head start to life as well, pulling me out of any ruminating thoughts.
    As I feel myself being bathed in the brightness of the sun, my feet start to sink into the ground and I realize I am standing on sand! Ooh, yay a beach! My feet dig deeper as my toes wiggle and try to connect with each grain of sparkling beach below me.
    Then my ears perk up — I hear the waves crashing on the shore and warm womb of the ocean seduces me to wade into the shallow waters. I also hear seagulls calling to one another, announcing that a new friend (me) has arrived.
    My sense of smell finds the salty air (as does the frizz in my hair – ha!). I indulge in it.
    Finally, the most authentic smile crosse my lips and I find myself surrendering all that I am to the bright sky above, the supportive earth below, and the deep sea beyond.
    Every fiber of my being feels full of joy and deeply connected to the Earth. I am home. I belong.
    I am living BRIGHTLY.

    Thank you for this creative exercise, Katie. I haven’t left the house in many weeks (CFS for five years) but this was just a delightful vacation in my mind. And I could totally feel the joy in every cell of my body. I know that this visualization will prove reality one day!

    Love from Kansas. Natalie

  2. Yay happy birthday to CFS!!

    Living Brightly to me is living authentically.

    Not necessarily happy all the time, or positive, or living perfectly.. But being true to myself.

    It includes having my feelings, and sitting with them, without letting them overwhelm me.
    It takes a lot of self care, not only for my body, but my mind and spirit. But still remembering that what others might consider self care doesn’t necessarily work for me.

    It is seeing myself for who I am underneath all my labels.. And instead of fighting that girl, I embrace her, and tell her I accept her and love her unconditionally.

  3. Living Brightly:

    A sparkle in my eye because I am doing something I love. More than likely this entails me helping another person or group learn something related to health and wellness, probably fitness.
    Feeling grounded and serene because I am surrounded by the magnificence of nature.
    Living in harmony with my children and husband. Listening, hearing, understanding and giving what is needed of me.
    Connecting with friends and family to maintain and foster these important relationships.
    Preparing and eating food that nourishes my belly and my soul.
    Being kind to myself by ignoring the negative voices (liars?) in my head and countering them with the awesomeness that I already am.

    Thank you for this exercise. So worthwhile whether or not the prize is won!
    Cathleen in NZ

  4. Happy Birthday to both you and CFS!

    Living Brightly to me is being at peace with your mind and body. It’s a feeling of contentment rather than happiness. It’s also being able to help others, because there is no better feeling in the world than making someone else happy, hopefully brightening their day. Living Brightly is living as fully as you can and accepting your situations with grace.

    Love and hugs to you.

  5. Happy Birthday to you lovely Katie and your brilliantly inspiring blog

    • Thank you so much beautiful Helen! xx

    • Hello again, that’s weird as I wrote what Living Brightly means to me, and it hasn’t appeared.

      Living Brightly to me simply means being my true self which lets my light shine brightly inside and out.

      Thanks to everyone who’s shared their Living Brightlies – I’m feeling so inspired and greatful to the lovely Katie for the beautiful exercise Xxx

  6. Happy both birthdays and thanks for your love!!
    Fo me, living brightly means living my true being, and being able to live as one part of the Universe, trusting anf feeling we people and everything are one
    Being in contact with my deepest feelings, with who i really am, and having the courage to live according to me even though it is contrary to what it’s supposed to be what should be
    Being able to live ALL the range of experiences and feelings of human life with trusting on that they arre here for you for a reason, and accept and live the so called negative or painful without that struggle that wears me off
    Being happy and well with whatever is coming in my life
    Lots of love

  7. Happy both birthdays!
    Living brightly means remembering everything is happening perfectly even when it doesn’t feel as if it is! Remembering I am a child of the Universe full of love and light even when my body feels far from that. Remembering I am perfect just as I am and loving myself unconditionally. Remembering to let go of the need for love and approval from anywhere. I am bask in love from the Universe and all is unfolding as it needs to.
    Thanks for reminding me!

  8. Wearing every colour of the rainbow – at once!

  9. wow what a lovely gift!! happy birthday and blog birthday and anniversary! I think to me living brightly means dragging myself out of my thoughts and back into the present moment, and noticing that it’s a wonderful moment. And when the present moment is a hard one, it means trusting the gifts behind the loss, the transportation within the change.

  10. Thanks for the opportunity. Living Brightly means letting a bit more sunshine come into your life. Finding something good in everything you do, even if it is as simple as getting out of bed that day. The simpler the sunshine is, the brighter is shines. An authentic self

  11. living brightly to me means having that sparkle of life back in my eye, and people can see and feel the joy spreading out of me and all around where ever I go :)

  12. Dear inspiring Katie, thank you so very much for this opportunity.

    To live brightly

    I am keeping the light on internally
    For when the world is feeling dull
    I am radiating warmth to counteract the chill
    My Sparkles from the eye
    are facets of jewelled spirit.
    I am a kaleidoscope of life
    Patterns and textures tucked underneath
    Interwoven with emotion
    Keep rotating until all colours shine true
    I am transcending what the body is suggesting
    Stretching away from limitations and darkened mind sets
    There is a beauty in everything, the brightness of life
    Is holding that placard high.

  13. Happiest of Birthday’s to you, beautiful Katie! And a ginormous happy birthday celebration to your inspiring and uplifting blog – 2 years huh, I must have found you very soon after you started! How beautiful!!

    I would love to enter this giveaway for 2 reasons. 1 – the items are oh so beautiful and 2 – I love answering questions and allowing the true me to emerge.

    So, to me living brightly is to shine from within. To allow the brightness of your soul to illuminate the way. Living Brightly is not the absence of troubles or illness or challenges, it is simply allowing for the brightness to lead. Living Brightly is to not ignore the perceived ‘bad’ feelings but instead roll with them like the oceans beautiful waves. Living Brightly is to see life unfolding for us and not to us. To meet fear with love. Living Brightly to me is such a gentle and feminine approach, it is listening to those deep soul desires/whispers of what next/now. Living Brightly is being you, in all your beautiful glory – no matter how that looks day by day. I think it can so easily be confused by Living Boldly which to me has far more masculine energy around it.

    Interestingly, do you know how many times i typed Loving instead of Living. Perhaps Living Brightly is to embody love in all its forms.

    Much love to you xoxo

  14. Happy birthday!!

    I just wrote a lovely long post but when I clicked on post comment it said error 404 not found. Unfortunately I do not have the energy to write it all again and although I thought it was very good brain fog has caused me to forget it all! Bah humbug :-/ I might have another go tomorrow :-)

    Love Julia xx

  15. I wrote earlier but it seems to not have posted. I will hopefully get another one in on time. I had a few typos anyways.

  16. Hi Katie,

    Happy Belated Birthday and congrats on your blog-versary! :)

    Living Brightly to me means shining despite your difficulties and challenges. There’s always something good to be found in every day and it’s important to focus on this and not the negative. Find what makes you happy and if everything else fails, put Happy with Pharrell on and it will for sure make you smile :)

    Thank you Katie for your amazing blog. It’s been a great help throughout my illness. You are a wise lady ;) I can’t wait to read your book.

    Randi xx

  17. Happy birthday lovely :-) xx

    Living brightly to me means allowing the real beautiful spirit of who I am shine through for everyone to see. It means being open. It means living in the moment and making the most of what I have here and now. It means giving and making others feel loved, special and treasured.

    It means never giving up hope that I will completely recover and be able to do the wonderful things I love to do such as walking in the beautiful countryside with a dog, cycling down country lanes with the summer breeze in my hair, swimming in the sea, gardening, popping out to visit friends, going on holiday to explore amazing places, to practice reflexology, aromatherapy, aromatherapy facials and hot stone massage again to make people feel nurtured and amazing, etc etc. One day :-) … I visualise these things often :-)

    I am a work in progress and living brightly means using all the amazing tools and practices I have learned (and may well not have discovered were it not for having CFS) such as energy healing, chakra cleansing, learning patience with myself and others, being kind to myself knowing I am doing the best I can, learning to trust again, learning to cope with fear and turn it into love, Angels, oracle cards, crystal healing, meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques, forgiveness of myself and others, flower essences, aromatherapy, and many others. These amazing things certainly add brightness to my life!

    Love Julia xx

  18. Happy Birthday, Katie, and thank you so much for everything you do through this blog, it is such a help!

    Living Brightly to me means letting the light of Love shine through me and enlighten and overcome everything that seems dark inside and around me. It means living in the truth which is light and love and beautiful. It means singing and smiling and loving and giving and glowing…

    This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

  19. It means enjoying every day,
    Not like an extended holiday!
    But having peace in your mind,
    And not looking behind!
    Caring for those around you,
    That way you live brightly and not blue!

  20. Many “professionals” on my perplexed journey to stability,
    Depression, Anxiety, Spinal Injuries, Infertility,
    Louise Hay, Brahma Kamari’s, including yourself are few of many, whom have generously shared with me the vibrant colours of the rainbow,
    I’m still unearthing how to mentally and emotionally grow.
    So you pose the question Katie, “What does Living Brightly mean to me?”
    It’s living in a world when each and every moment is brand new without a worry or a clouded thought,
    To be at peace; it need not be acquired, it need not be deserved, it need not be sought.
    I can without knowing that I’m utilising my organs; I can smell the blooming roses, I can feel with windswept breeze,
    I can sit peacefully and enjoy, with comfort and seamless ease.
    With living brightly I can forget the world’s noises and just be….
    Happy Happy Birthday!
    The question posed has allowed my mind to run free…thank you!

  21. Simple a place I can go to escape everyday life

  22. Happy Birthday!!!

    Living Brightly means to me letting your light and beauty shine from the inside out.
    It means being kind, compassionate and spread your love to others and to not expect anything in return.
    It means to live your truth, follow your heart and listen to your gut(intuition).
    It means embracing uncertainty and allow your inner light to guide you through.
    It means to just be here in the now and just enjoy it!

    Much Love and Happiness.

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