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Jan 182015
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If you feel guilty for sleeping during your illness or can’t stand the thought of getting into your bed again because you seem to be there constantly (that was me!), this audio is for you.

Everybody sleeps, my darling.

What did you take from this audio? Do you hate looking at your bed?! Let me know below!

Love, Katie     xxx

(P.S. for more on insomnia, click here; for more on falling asleep when you’re not tired, click here -15,000 shares and counting!)

  2 Responses to “{AUDIO} Everybody Sleeps”

  1. I am not so bad now but a few weeks ago I hated being in bed and then on the sofa through exhaustion, a friend who suffered badly in the past with CFS/ME came to my home and did some gentle reflexology on my feet and then some reiki which was bliss. She told me if your body wants rest to go ahead and sleep and don’t feel guilty about sleeping and enjoy the comfort of your

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