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Aug 022015
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I just wanted to speak to you all about your own, unique healing journey and how we can go about starting our own. I know that a lot of you are wondering what it should look like and how to go about it, so I put this video together for you.

There might be a few things in the video that you don’t want to listen to, but ask yourself why the idea or ideas make you uncomfortable.

Hope you enjoy the video my darling- I’d love to hear your feedback below!

Love and healing,

Katie      xxx

“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

On a technical note, there was something very strange going on with the sound on my computer (think I was sitting too close to it!), so maybe turn your speakers down a touch! 

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  9 Responses to “Following Your Own Unique Healing Journey – VIDEO”

  1. A great message, Katie. This makes so much sense. Thank you :-) and love your north eastern accent coupled with the Aussie accent! Xx

    • Ha ha! I know- I think you’re actually the first person who’s acknowledged my slight Aussie accent- can’t help but go up at the end of sentences! ;) Glad you enjoyed the video my dear! xxx

  2. Needed that message today, thank you Katie!
    With love and gratitude,
    Jada oxo

  3. Hi Katie,
    Just watched your video.
    Firstly can I say you are great, very inspirational and caring.
    You appeared to ad-lib the whole thing, which to me shows your passion to share your experiences and
    willingness to want to help others.
    The part that interests me the most was that you said you are now healed. Boy, this final step, must be the biggest
    hurdle ever. For me and I’m sure many others the wish to climb through that last window is enormous. I am incredibly
    positive and have learnt every coping mechanism there is, but although over the years, despite getting very close,
    I haven’t as yet reached a situation of being healed.
    How can I do it/how did you do it?
    Keep up all your great work,
    Best Regards Graham.

  4. I love your positivity and wisdom :-) I am so so looking forward to getting to the other side and having that amazing feeling that I found the way through to heal myself! In the meantime I will enjoy my journey in my own time (and try my best to avoid frustration). You’ve just rekindled my little flame of hope :-) Thank you lovely Katie! Xxx

  5. Your videos always make me smile and feel so much better. Your voice is so soothing and uplifting at the same time…what a talent you have. I am glad you reminded me that whatever I do, it’s ok, because it seems right for me. Sometimes I think I should be doing what others are and that it might be why I’m not better. But some of those things I’ve tried and just can’t do and you made me remember that it’s ok to feel that way. Thanks Katie…you are such a wonderful support to all of us. xoxo

    • Thank you so much my darling Sheila, and you’re right- we can’t do or be everything, so we have to just have the confidence and trust to follow our own path. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

      Thank you lovely- xx

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