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Jan 202015

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Taken from here with gratitude

Don’t look back- you’ve been there done that. It’s boring and unadventurous.

They say that life’s a journey. How can you journey if you’re not moving forward? Standing still gains perspective, but the journey gains inspiration.

Forgive your past wrongs, but also love them unconditionally. They form part of your unique life experience and no-one is a unique and incredible as you. Be grateful.

You’re not going backwards, so don’t look that way.

We have this moment. That’s it. This moment to live in, breathe in, love in. Don’t miss it. Live in it, swim in it, glory in it. It’s yours. It’s ours. Not yesterday, but today.

Love your past.

Love the Now.

Love and presence,

Katie   xxx

  2 Responses to “How To Love Your Past”

  1. Do you think sometimes it’s hard to let go of your past because of relapses? You think you are getting well and then take ten steps back. Or we are always afraid of having one. You covered all this so well in your book (I read both of them in one night and they were so great…thank you again, sweetie) but if you haven’t gotten beyond that point yet, you sort of drag your past around behind you. Just a thought.

    • That’s very true my love. I think with relapses, we always feel as though we’re being dragged backwards, which makes us resent the past and how we got into a certain situation in the first place. It becomes even more frustrating to move on your body keeps dragging you backwards.

      Glad you enjoyed the books my love! xxx

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