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Dec 022015
Christmas with CFS

Christmas with CFS can either be a time when you seem to forget about your health and enjoy the season (in a responsible way, of course!), a time when all of your stresses and difficulties suddenly get magnified, or a strange, bizarre cocktail of the two.

I have to say that I did enjoy Christmas, but found it incredibly draining when I was very sick (at around 20-40% functionality). I was so determined to enjoy it, but my energy levels and stomach capacity (I wasn’t really managing to eat so much at the time) wouldn’t really allow me. I couldn’t even get out of the house to buy presents, for goodness sakes.

However, there are a few things that you can do to stay focused, healthy and merry during the season (into New Year’s Eve and beyond).


How to Survive Christmas with Chronic Fatigue

  • let your hair down a little bit- ’tis the season, CFS or not. For the last few months of the year, enjoy celebrating wholeheartedly without the guilt.
  • speaking of guilt, it’s perfectly ok to take time out to rest, nap or just to gather your thoughts . Don’t worry about missing out or letting other people down- you’re only disappointing yourself by NOT looking after yourself.
  • everyone finds this season hectic, so if you find yourself feeling more drained than usual, don’t attach meaning to it.
  • don’t feel as though you only have the rest of this month to feel the way you want to feel before 2016. Realistically, we can only achieve so much.
  • take it one moment at a time and enjoy. Don’t worry about what was, or what might be (click here for my tried-and-tested tip).
  • know that you are loved and worthy of love.

Happy Christmas my darling and enjoy the holidays (guilt-free!)

Love, Katie    xxx

  2 Responses to “How to Survive Christmas with Chronic Fatigue”

  1. Thanks beautiful
    I’ve been feeling pretty drained just with the thought of having to do Christmas. So this morning I decided that Christmas is supposed to be fun so I just need to lighten the f**k up and just go with the flow. I can only do what I can do and stressing about it is more draining than it’s worth.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Katie and an absolutely amazing 2015!
    You are precious & valuable and I really appreciate you.
    Love & hugs Ruthie xo

    • Thank you so much my darling Ruthie- your words mean a lot to me.

      Hope you enjoy Christmas too- take care of yourself and thank you for your support this year!

      Love, Katie xx

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