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Mar 312015


This post is a short one (short, but hopefully, sweet!), as I don’t think I need to say too much on it. You know yourself better than anyone and as a lot of you know, my word for 2014 is ‘simplify’, so I’ll start as I mean to go on!

During my first Bikram class recently (this was a bit of ‘fear testing’ experiment- more on this to follow!), I suddenly realised that in many ways, I’d become one of those “I could never do that” people. You know what I mean…

  • You find out about a friend who’s running a marathon next year and has only just started training…and you say to yourself ,”I could never do that”.
  • You read about someone who’s really kicked it at a new diet, but you automatically think you have zero willpower…and you say to yourself , “I could never do that”.
  • You’ve been following a website or celebrity for a while and you would love to be in their shoes, but you tell yourself instantly that there’s just no point in trying…because you don’t see yourself as one of those people who could do that.

I know what you’re thinking- maybe you just don’t like the things that you see people trying to do, so you don’t fancy it. I hear you.

But, every time you find yourself saying or thinking “I could never do that”, just stop and ask yourself:

  • Could I, in fact, do it, if I really put my mind to it?
  • Am I giving myself any kind of chance of doing something spectacular just for me?
  • Have I given myself any time to actually explore options and give them a chance before writing the idea off for good?
  • Am I just, in all truthfulness, revealing to myself how much of a perfectionist I am?
  • I am, in fact, just a little bit scared? (Fear just before stepping up and out of your comfort zone is completely natural, sometimes necessary).

Turn yourself into one of those people that others says, “I could never do that” to. Puff your chest up, get on with it and have a go. Maybe you are just one of those people.

Give yourself a fighting chance. If you don’t, who will?

keep trying

Lots of love, Katie    xxx

  5 Responses to “I Could Never Do That…”

  1. Yes! I do this! I use my CFS and anxiety to shield myself away, when really, I could probably do more than I think but fear holds me back.

  2. Inspirational post Katie.Thanks for sharing.Everyone should have the “I can do” mentality.Because nothing is impossible in this world.

  3. I love it Katie. You hit the nail on the head for me! Our family theme this year is “Let’s Do This! No Fear ’15.” We just bought a house. For years I threw away money renting because the thought of owning something and being responsible for every little thing was so scary and daunting! My inner voice said “you just aren’t a home owner.” But as friends started buying places, I thought, “Why not? I can do it!” So, we put in an offer and I taped up the flier for the house with the information on my bedroom wall and wrote in big capital letters “LET’S DO THIS!” And, two days later they accepted our offer. I was petrified. We moved in a week ago and I’m covered in dust and fresh paint, and I am just in love with every moment.

    • Tara, this is incredible! I’m so, so proud of you my love. You’re such an inspiration- good for you! (Email me some photos when you’re all settled in!) xx

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