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Apr 202016
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If you’ve felt as though you’ve been try to run through syrup for the last few months of 2016 (i.e. trying to get somewhere, but definitely not at your own pace and not always sure of where you’re going), you’re not alone! These past few months I’ve used oracle cards a lot to bring me guidance, so I’ve decided to reintroduce my intuitive readings.

Why Intuitive Readings?

Sometimes, as much as we try not to, we get in our own way sometimes. Our thoughts go round and in circles and we never seem to get any clarity, convincing ourselves that things are either like this or like this.

Letting someone give you an intuitive reading is like stepping back, letting go and allowing something greater to lead you. It can be terrifying, but can ultimately give you a perspective or clarity you might not have been able to reach before. I know I’ve never regretted having a reading myself and always come away from it feeling a lot lighter than when I went into it.

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Intuition photo(Photo from UnSplash by Matthew Wieber)

Sample Reading

Your card is: Ten of Fire
This card has such a strong energy to it, and I think this’ll be a very important card for you my love.
This card is all about letting you know that it’s ok to take time out of your schedule to play and relax. Play is a big, big focus of the message I’ve been asked to give you! Maybe you’ve been working too hard recently, but the angels are telling me that you’ve been incredibly harsh on yourself. You’ve been feeling too proud to accept help, but now is the time reach out. There is a strong risk of becoming sick or burnt out through stress and it’s important to slow down and be kind to yourself in every area of your life.
Treat your energy like a savings account and don’t spend it all at once. It’s important to accept where you are- are you trying to do too much and/or do everything on your own? Maybe you’ve been dwelling too much on the negative recently and it’s important to acknowledge the positive in your life as well. Only then will you be able to reestablish the important yin/yang balance we all need as we go through life. You have permission to look after yourself.
I hope that some of these points are relevant to you my darling- thank you so much for letting me learn more about giving readings!
Love, Katie    xxx

How Does It Work?

Once you select your reading type below, please allow 48 hours for your guidance to be sent back to you. (It doesn’t normally take as long as this, but just in case!) I will attach an image of the card or cards that came up and give you in-depth guidance for each card. You are free to email me afterwards with any feedback or further insights.

Important Guidelines

  • Please note: if your question if something along the lines of, “Will I get this job?” or “Is he the right man for me?”, these readings are not for you. They are not designed to predict the future or give psychic insights.
  • I specialise in giving readings based on health and wellbeing, but am open to other to readings for life situations as well.
  • Normally, I’m intuitively guided to working with a deck based on your question, but you can choose a certain deck if you prefer (email me for a list).
  • These readings are not designed to be scary or stressful in any way- there is no such thing as ‘bad information’ in these readings, and they are not dark or frightening. I just can’t work like that!



Katie, this is so spooky and accurate- amazing! – Michelle

This is very, very relevant to me- you’re very good at this! – Ruth

Thanks so much for the reading, it really helped me actually. A really big thank you. – Helen


You will be sent a detailed paragraph(s) of what I felt and intuited during your reading, together with a picture(s) of the card via email within 48 hours. A deck will be chosen for you at random unless you would prefer otherwise.

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD)- click here to convert to your currency.

1 card reading (with question)- $9

1 card reading (random)- $9

1 card healing reading (with CFS focus- please email)- $9

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3 card reading (with question or random)-$23

1 card healing reading (with CFS focus- please email)- $23

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Please email me with your question (if you have one) BEFORE purchasing at:

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