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Jul 082015


A common complaint from the CFS community is that we don’t often hear many recovery stories. To be honest, I’m not sure that I could’ve coped with listening to any bright-eyed, bushy-tailed people telling me how great life was when I was really sick. (After I did a recovery interview with one of my friends, Dan, a lot of people commented that they found me really annoying, and I totally get it!). I get a lot of emails from people asking if I’ve really recovered, and I have to answer ‘Yes, YEs, YES!’ to every single one. This isn’t about me being arrogant or unrealistic, it’s about an intuitive knowing in my body that told me about 5 years ago that I was done with being sick, that recovering from chronic illness had finally become a reality.

So, I was very grateful to be interviewed by gorgeous Ashley from Greenlight Holistic Healing for her podcast on holistic health and ethical living, as it was a great opportunity to share my story with others and give them a little bit of hope that, yes, recovery stories are out there!

(Click here to read my own account of my recovery story).

We spoke about recovering from chronic illness, health and healing and, to be honest, we probably could’ve spoken all day!

cfs healing

Recovering from Chronic Illness

In this episode, Ashley and I discuss:

  • What signs were there in High School that I had chronic fatigue?
  • What was my process of diagnosis?
  • Did my people-pleasing ways made me ill?
  • Do I blame myself for becoming sick?
  • Where I began after giving up on Western medicine
  • What’s the first step I would recommend to others with chronic illness?
  • How using chakras and energy systems can help with healing
  • The crazy healing method Ashley suggested I check out
  • My work as a mentor to others with chronic fatigue
  • Ways to begin trusting your body again

(27 mins long)

Links mentioned:

Network Spinal Analysis

‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’ – Dale Carnegie

‘Anatomy of the Spirit’- Caroline Myss

‘You Can Heal Your Life’- Louise Hay

Ashley’s website

I hope you enjoy the interview my lovely- I’d love to hear your comments below.

Love, Katie    xxx

  8 Responses to “{PODCAST INTERVIEW} Recovering from Chronic Illness”

  1. Hi, Katie – this is a great interview! Lots of good things in here, and I took a look at your article on Dale Carnegie and the link to further info about his book. I needed that tip today – I had to cancel a get together with a friend from college today so I’m able to get to the physiotherapist tomorrow and I was beating myself up about it. We’re FB friends and we have each others’ e-mail addresses, so we can get together another time! I need to take it easy today, and that’s the bottom line. And, yes, Caroline Myss’s book is excellent – I must take another look at it. She’s prepared to challenge you, which sometimes people aren’t ready for. _And_ I’ll be googling energy healing.

    Just – I didn’t see any point in trying to get a definitive diagnosis for CFS/ME, except that it’s cancelling out other conditions that the NHS can actually do something for. None of the GPs I’ve seen have suggested it; they seem to rely on the standard blood tests.

    And I must find out about those noodles!

    love & hugs, Annys

  2. Hi Katie,
    Very interested to hear your podcast, but also read your account of your recovery.
    I am an art teacher and still suffer from the issues that you describe from choosing art, to the issues of teaching. What you have written is me even after 22 years. I KNOW that much of me begin stuck in this condition ( though only 1 and a 1/2 years ) is the FEAR but I struggle to get passed it !!!
    Have just downloaded the Caroline Myss book, as my naturopath tells me my liver is blocked. Any advise welcome.

    Kindest Regards


    • Thanks my lovely- I understand where you’re coming from completely. Moving past ‘what might have been’ in your life is never easy, and you’re constantly thinking ‘what if?’. For more on my recovery story, there’s another extended interview here and this might help a little bit on acceptance.

      I also wrote an article a while ago for Tiny Buddha which lots of people found helpful (click here).

      Please feel free to contact me for a bit of a chat.

      Keep smiling my love- xxx

      (P.S. LOVE your artwork- my Mum is an art teacher too and loves all things ‘celtic’. Will mention your website!)

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