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Feb 092015


After receiving several emails this week asking me about the ‘turning point’ in my healing, I decided to make this little audio blog for you. As you know, I firmly believe that going through the healing process will make you a stronger person, but to be honest, I would’ve given anything for a quick fix back in the day!

All it takes is an ever-so-slight nudge to shift your mindset.

Let me know in the comments below if what I say resonates with you.

Love, Katie      xxx

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  5 Responses to “Shift Your Mindset to Help You Heal”

  1. What a soothing voice you have! I think this shift is important and one I hadn’t thought of until reading this. Thank you for the idea and I am going to try to do this!

    • Aww, thank you Sheila! (I think this is the first time someone’s ever told me I have a soothing voice!) xx

  2. Yes, I think focusing on the things I can do and the health I have makes me feel it can end. I’m at that point now, from believing it was going to be forever, to, “it will pass”, to stopping saying what is wrong and beginning saying what’s been achieved is making me feeling better and having more energy. I want to think it is a signal that this is beginning to go…
    For me too you voice is soothing, have a nice day both…

  3. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for this. Before I became sick I was a very busy person and became a prisoner of my own schedules, goals and “performing” things etc. Now, I think these same issues are hindering my recovery, the plan just says “rest, meditate, eat, rest” instead of “train, work” and there is no life, just the “I must get better and I need to do this and this..”. I just would like to know how you feel (and dealt) with pacing, organizing/planning your days when you were sick (how to maintain focus on health) and how would you advice to separate one’s self from the illness? Specifically in the stages of recovery with the lowest of energy and functioning? You are a great inspiration.

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