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Jun 252015


For a while now, I’ve felt a little bit dirty and almost guilty for going shopping.

I used to love window shopping with my Mum when I lived back in the UK, but all that changed when I moved to London. All those crowds meant that even when I desperately needed to buy something (hello holey t-shirts!), I gave up pretty quickly and left empty-handed.

There is a common misconception that if you’re living the ‘spiritual life’ that going on the hunt for material possessions is somehow wrong and not at all in keeping with the expectations of spirituality. An idea that Shopping and Spirituality can’t and shouldn’t go together. I realised at the weekend that I’d let this take over my thoughts in a very negative way. I’d been feeling so terrible about my clothes and how I looked for a while, but felt bad going out and shopping (a bit of vicious circle, I’m sure you’d agree!)

Shopping and spirituality

However, there is something about buying an item you need, and feeling fabulous in it, that seems to be very much in keeping with that spirit we long for when we finish that self-help book or sit on our meditation cushion. We feel like the best version of ourselves and it gives that essential feminine energy that many of us crave, but feel unable to tap into. There’s also so much incredible creativity out there in the retail world- so many amazing colours, designs and inspirations. It’s a world of amazing potential and vibrancy.

Clearly, there are limits however. Diving into this energy too much as a way of trying to reach this feeling can leave us (and potentially, our bank accounts) feeling hollow and a little bit sorry-for-themselves. Buy when you need to and what you need to, give your clothes away when you need a clear-out and keep your eye out for a bargain (that’s all part of the fun of it after all).

Have fun, enjoy my love and don’t feel guilty for tapping into that luxurious, wholly feminine side of you. You’re worth it.

Love, Katie     xxx

  6 Responses to “Shopping and Spirituality”

  1. I just wrote a post on my blog about feeling like I couldn’t think anything bad or I wasn’t being spiritual enough and how I realized that was wrong. I had to laugh a little when I read this because it’s along the same lines. I’m glad you realized it’s ok for you to shop…have fun and enjoy your purchases! A big hug to you.

    • Ha ha! Isn’t that funny my love?! Thanks Sheila- I felt bad on Saturday on the way to the city centre, but spent my time well and was so inspired by all the gorgeous designs and summer clothes. Will definitely pay attention to this feeling from now on! xxx

  2. Joy and creativity are spiritual, aren’t they? Go for it, and I will, too! xxx

  3. I love that you shared this Katie. I think us spiritual souls face often face big blocks and guilt around material possessions. But, as you say, if you look it from the perspective of self-love and self-care, then by wearing nice clothes and having a few lovely things – we’re actually looking after ourselves and contributing to our overall wellness and happiness. That’s not me advocating excess – I’m saying that when we do things from a place of love (shopping included) and with awareness, then what’s wrong with enjoying it! :)

    • Sarah, you summed up my feelings so eloquently! I’m all for living a simple life, but appreciating beautiful things is fun too. Thank you my love! xxx

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