Oct 282014

It’s hard to believe that you can have any fun at all when you’re ill and recovering. I remember lying in bed for hours on end thinking about all the fun other people were having without me, people with more energy and vitality than me, people who didn’t have to think about illness for a second while they were enjoying themselves.

Then I realised that my definition of ‘fun’ was all wrong. To me (and maybe to society), the epitome of fun was raucous party scenes and dancing until the early hours. I’ve never been much of party-goer, but always felt when I was growing up that this is what I should be doing- stumbling home drunk at whatever time in the morning and not being able to remember anything, because this is what my friends were doing.

Feeling comfortable with what you like to do and searching for your definition of fun can often take some time. Your definition of fun might not be the same as someone else’s and this is great- find your joy! You’re often under pressure from others and conform just so you feel like you belong. This includes going places when you don’t have the energy or feeling forced to do something because someone is telling you to snap out of it.


Write a list of things you like to do.  I consider all these things fun, however geeky and strange they might sound. This is what makes me unique and I love myself for it:

How To Remember The Fun In Life

Writing to you lovely people
Reading spiritual books
Oprah’s amazing programme, Super Soul Sunday
Going to bed early / having a lie-in, and not feeling guilty or bad about it
Studying Energy Medicine
Listening to birds singing in the morning
Anything involving bright colours and stripes
Juices and smoothies
Raw chocolate
Chia seed puddings
Stumbling my way through yoga 
Writing letters and cards to people (on paper and sending them in an envelope!)
Talking with someone and really connecting with them
Someone really confiding in you
Angel cards
Danish crime dramas (I know!) and Foreign Films
Laughter and comedy
Reading in French and German
Anything to do with France and all things Paris
Breaking down sentences into grammatical points (I know, I need help!)
Men’s brown leather brogues made for girls and old-school satchels
Big jewellery
Chatting with a friend for hours on Facetime or on the phone
Sushi / anything Japanese
Going out of my comfort zone and being me

joyPicture taken from here- notice the bright colours! Fun!

This is a slightly unconventional list, but remember life is for living and being joyous. Love what you love and love it unashamedly. You can create fun from the smallest thing if you get pleasure from doing it and it brightens up your day.

Where can you find fun in your day today? Write a fun list and post it below or on Facebook! Can’t wait to see what you’ve written!

Love and joy,

Katie   xx

Oct 192014

Thought for Today on Energy

Let energy flow through you effortlessly. Even if you think there is nothing to spare, there is an abundance of energy which you can access now.

Let to flow to every part, membrane and cell of your body.

Affirm its existence.

Be peaceful. Be brave. Be bold. Be reassured.


Image taken from here

Love, Katie    xxx

Oct 182014


Aaah, chakras- one of my all time favourite subjects! As you may have read in this article I wrote a while ago on Energetic Healing, chakras form the basis of many amazing healing modalities. I’ve read countless books on chakras and there’s no way I’ll stop learning any time soon! If you’ve always been curious about chakras, but don’t have a clue where to start, here are few pointers:

What are chakras?

Chakras are, in very basic terms, 7 energetic centres which our energy flows through. Often when our emotions are out of balance, these centres become blocked which can manifest as illness, aches or pains in the body, so it’s important to know which centres are which and how we can balance them.

Where are they located and what do they represent?


The above diagram shows you whereabouts the chakras are located in your body. Each colour represents a chakra and has certain emotional feelings or attributes attached to it:

Root Chakra (Chakra 1 / Red) – Represents feeling ‘rooted’ or grounded, represent our foundation and stability

Location: base of the spine / tailbone area

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: survival issues and all issues related to this , such as money, food, family, security and financial independence.

Sacral Chakra (Chakra Two / Orange) – Represents creativity, sex and your ability to accept new relationships/situations into your life

Location: lower abdomen about 2 inches below the navel

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: sense of pleasure, enjoyment, abundance, sexuality

Solar Plexus (Chakra Three / Yellow) – Represents confidence, thoughts and feelings, and our ability to be in control of our lives

Location: upper abdomen/stomach area

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: self-confidence, self-esteem, positive mental attitudes and thoughts, self-worth

Heart Chakra (Chakra 4 – Green) – Represents our ability to love and be loved, to enjoy what we love

Location: centre of chest, just above the heart

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: joy, love, compassion, inner peace

Throat Chakra (Chakra 5 – Blue) – Represents our ability to communicate clearly and to speak our truth

Location: the throat

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: communication, self-expression, expressing your truth, creativity

Third Eye Chakra (Chakra 6 – Indigo) – Represents our ability to see the big picture, inner knowing, insight and vision

Location: on your forehead, between your eyes

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: ability to think clearly and make decisions, intuition, wisdom, imagination

Crown Chakra (Chakra 7 – Violet) – Represents our ability to connect fully with our spiritual selves

Location: at the very top of your head (at the crown)

Emotional issues linked with this chakra: pure bliss, inner and outer beauty, our connection to our own spirituality, divine wisdom

Why are chakras important?

In order for our bodies to function in an optimal way, all of our 7 chakras need to be balanced and allowing our energy to flow smoothly through our bodies. If one of the energy centres is not functioning well, then the others won’t function as well as they should. Some of them can even work too much or too hard (the third eyes, over-thinking chakra is typical of this!), which also sends our bodies and emotions into free-fall.

These days, it’s incredibly difficult to keep them balanced- we’re all rushing around, worried about what others think of us and not taking adequate time out for ourselves, but there are ways you can do it that are incredibly simple and mostly free! Check back tomorrow for more details!

I really hope this has helped you my lovely. Stayed tuned for more information tomorrow on how to tell if these chakras are out-of-whack and how you can heal them simply and easily.

Love and abundant energy,

Katie    xxx


Sep 262014


Come back to this page when you’re lost, when you’re wondering what it’s all about. When you’re fed up to the back teeth and are struggling to find your ‘other way’. When you need to feel the comfort in words and feel your spirit bounce when you’ve found the right ones. When you need a little bit of CFS help…

You’ve probably seen that the world has gone a little bit crazy with these quotes, but I love to let myself be inspired, even swept away by them on a regular basis (See ‘Words to Live By’ board on Pinterest, if you don’t believe me!). Although it’s easy to get lost in a sea of these images, when you find a good quote, it really makes you stop and think.

It doesn’t matter if you have CFS or not- we all need this from time to time. Let’s bring in the light, bring in your spirit….

Love and a river of words,

Katie  xx

give up






big things


and my favourite….





If you enjoyed these inspirational quotes, there are plenty more in my (FREE!) e-book! Click the green book image at the top of the page or below for instant access!

A little book of quotes and inspiration for the journey

Sep 222014

I’ve always been a big believer in the power of words and expressing yourself in a way that is comforting and empowering to both yourself and others. Although I’ve struggled with finding my authentic voice and being confident in voicing my opinions, I truly believe that once I changed the stories I was telling myself, the words in the stories began to shape my healing and ultimately my recovery from Chronic Fatigue.

The video brings a slight lump to my throat and I never tire of watching it. It’s amazing how we can judge someone based on their appearance and our perception of what their lives must be like. I absolutely love the twist towards the end of the video, but I won’t spoil it for you!

This video was created by Andrea Gardner, whose book ‘Change Your Words, Change You Life’ continues to make an impact on the lives of many people. It’s such an interesting read and I’d really recommend it.


Image taken from Andrea’s website, ‘Change Your Words’

Love and harmony,

Katie  xx

Sep 152014

I just wanted to share with you something that I believe has really improved my CFS. I know that meditation sometimes get a bit of hippy/’only for gurus’ reputation, but it has really helped me in coping with the illness. Meditation and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are perfect for each other.


Taken from here

The main way it has helped is in just getting myself out of my mind (“My god, I’m so tired, I can’t believe I’m still like this, everything hurts, I’m sick of being in bed, why me?, that light is killing me…”) and tuning into something else for a while. You’re probably sick of listening to messages from your body, all the pain and stiffness, but in meditation, you really listen to your body and get some sense of what’s going on. I often found in meditating that my body was telling me to ease up and stop being so hard on myself. Sometimes I think we spend so long thinking about our symptoms that our thoughts become unending. We end up tying ourselves in knots and we get used to this constant chatter. But sometimes, it’s good to step away from that and just take a bit of breather.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have days when I forget to do it, even though I know doing it morning and evening really helps. At the moment, if I can squeeze 15 minutes into the day, I’m happy, but ideally I would spend a bit longer. The good news is you don’t have to sit there for hours upon end waiting to be enlightened. Start off with 1 minute- 1 minute! We’ve all got a minute, haven’t we?!

This is one the best videos I’ve seen. It’s quirky, effective and best of all, calming your mind can be achieved in a minute. There’s even a timer included in the video, so you know when the time is up.

Just give it a go- what’s the harm? Meditating is like a muscle- you have to keep using it to get the benefit from it. Start with 1 minute and once you’re comfortable, maybe add another minute on top. Within days you’ll feel the benefit, I promise! Little things won’t bother you and your sleep might even improve.

I’ll be posting more on meditation soon, but in the mean time, enjoy!

Love and bliss,


Recommended Meditations:

AcuEnergetics® Enlighten Meditation Series (CD 1 is particularly juicy, but they’re all ridiculous!)


* Leonie Dawson’s ridiculously scrumptious meditations- they’re unbelievable. You have been warned!

Chakra Healing Meditation

Divine Dreaming Meditation

Holy Dinger Uber Deep Meditation

Releasing Fears Meditation


Doreen Virtue’s Chakra Clearing Meditation- pure bliss!

May 262014


Looking for ways to feel instantly better with CFS or Fibromyalgia? These tricks are simple, effective and uplifting.

Print this poster out- stick it on your wall, on your bedroom door, on the back of your front door. Fold it up and slip it into your wallet. Use it as a bookmark. Share it with friends. Cut each step up and pick one out of a hat each day. It’s yours.

It’s joy, pure and simple. It’s laughter, love and everything that’s missing from this illness. Embrace the joy, follow the love.

Can you add any others that work for you? Love and laughter, Katie     xxx

Click to download your own copy to print

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 2.16.01 PM

May 182014

Before your illness, before all the pain, all the waiting, all the ‘why me?’s. Before the embarrassment, before the humiliation, before the loss…what were you tired of? I mean really, really tired of?

Sit and cast your mind back. Meditate and think truthfully, deeply.

What were you really, really tired of feeling back then?

Useless? Worn out? Like you weren’t getting a break? Like you had no time to yourself? That you didn’t deserve to rest? That life was against you? That no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t change your situation? Powerless? Defeated? Trying incredibly hard to please others, but forgetting about yourself? Like you weren’t your true self?


Picture taken from here

Think about your attitude to life, to others and to yourself before CFS.

Click here to read about what I was tired of in my life before becoming sick.

:ove and honesty,

Katie    xx

Jul 092013


Now, just before you laugh and snort at my use of the phrase ‘Self-Love’ in this post, I just want you to know that I too was one of the people who sniggered at it. What a weird, hippy, marshmallow-y concept, ey?! Self-Love?! Pphhh!

When I was in my element, singing and doing all thing musical, I was pretty in love with my life and even though I didn’t look perfect, my passion for music carried me through. My Self-Love cup was pretty darn full- full to overflowing even. I skipped out of bed, wondering what the day would bring and I loved life, I really did.

The problem came however, when I decided to turn my back on all of this and my intuition, and step into something I really didn’t feel comfortable with. It was so completely alien to me, it was hilarious. My soul just didn’t like it and I instinctively knew that further down the line, in some way shape or form, I’d regret it.

As you all know, the form it came to me in was CFS/M.E and if any of that Self-Love was left at all, it had completely left me by then. I felt hollow, alone, empty and completely worthless. The only thing I could do was lie in bed and read (this was many months into my illness, reading was impossible for me for a very  long time!). I stumbled across many authors that you know- Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Caroline Myss, and my world changed forever.

self love

Image taken from Path to Wellness by beautiful Melissa Ambrosini

Suddenly, I realised that just because I was ill, it didn’t mean that I was any less worthy than anyone else. It didn’t mean I was half a person or trailing behind in the shadows. I realised that I was unique, individually created and brought here by the universe for some special purpose. I had no idea what that was, but just this knowing made me realise how special and amazing all of us are, without exception. The only way you can realise this is by working your Self-Love muscle, which can become weak during illness.

Now, don’t get me wrong- it’s far from easy. I have days when I want to hide away from everyone, days when I’m having a ‘bad skin day’ or I’m just feeling a disgruntled or fed-up- I’m only human. The Self-Love thing is definitely a muscle, but the more your work it, the easier it gets and the easier you’ll be on your self. Up until recently, I got so angry with myself for the way I treat myself during my illness- my self-talk and the way I constantly went over things in my head meant that I really feel it slowed down my recovery time. I wasn’t being my best self and in that way I was going against everything I knew was amazing and unique to me.

So, how can jump on the Self-Love bandwagon?

Click here.

Click here


then here.

You can also read one of the many Guest Interviews I’ve done on my blog- these ladies really know the importance of self-love and know how to keep their tanks full.

I’d also like to mention these beautiful ladies in particular. They all fly the Self-Love flag and have beautiful blogs which you can access at the click of a button:

Website links: Tara Bliss at Such Different Skies  //  Jess Ainscough- The Wellness Warrior  //  Michelle Marie McGrath at Sacred Self  //  Julie Parker at Beautiful You  //  Rachel MacDonald from In Spaces Between  //  Melissa Ambrosini from Path to Wellness

Love and honour yourself enough to feel comfortable in your own skin, comfortable with where you are now and comfortable with how amazing you are.

How can you flex your Self-Love muscle today?

Love and more self-love,

Katie    xx

Jun 172013

I am jumping up and down excited today to bring you this amazing, amazing interview. I’ve been keeping this one under wraps for a while, but it’s finally time to share it with you.

Hayley Carr is a 9 x World Champion Martial Artist, Life, Health and Confidence Expert, who is passionate about helping people get the best out of themselves, and genuinely enjoy their life. Through her Live Peak Performance Workshops, Personal Coaching and Online TV show, she delivers world-class information to help people all around the world gain confidence, clarity and control, in a way that is unique, fun, and life-changing.

…and the best part? Hayley has fully recovery from CFS and kicked it right between the eyes. Retaining World Champion Martial Arts titles after CFS? Done. Living life fearlessly and seeing life as an ever-expanding journey? Done. Going after what she wants and not being afraid to get there? Done. Inspiring others to be the best they can possibly be? Done?

When Hayley sent this interview through to me, I had to read it through about six times- it’s so incredibly insightful and packed full of inspiration. It knocked the wind right out of me. Whether or not you have CFS, please share this with your nearest and dearest- you will definitely learn something new about yourself illness and your life in the words that follow. Hayley proves that when it comes to your health and your life, you are in the driving seat. Let me know what you take away from this- I’d love to hear from you.

Without much further ado, ladies and gentlemen, may I present the  beautiful fire-cracker that is Miss Hayley Carr.

smaller face

“You are here for a reason. This period of your life is temporary, and the lessons you get from learning how to heal yourself will serve you for the rest of your life. That is worth fighting for.” – Hayley Carr

Guest Interview with Hayley Carr

1) Describe yourself in three words.

Adventurous, Grateful, self-fulfilling. =)


2)  What inspired you to create your website and business?

After suffering Chronic fatigue for so long, (or what felt like so long, when I thought I just had a flu and would be out for only a week!) and learning so many lessons that healed me along the way, I was so grateful to be able to use my body and function again.

I saw so many people who wanted help to do the same thing, and felt compelled to help them, but even more, I saw so many people who had no idea that their life was just… “bleh”… for lack of a better word. They weren’t enjoying themselves, weren’t necessarily doing anything about changing it, and had no idea that they could. They thought it was just how life was – mediocre. This made me really fired up!

During my time having Chronic Fatigue, I studied a modality called NLP. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which changed my entire view on life, and how our unconscious thought patterns affect the outcome of our lives. It totally blew me away and I can’t NOT share the information now, if you know what I mean!


3)  I know that you too suffered from CFS for 2 years. How did you feel during that time? What was going in on your life before you became ill?

Chronic fatigue was such an interesting experience. In fact, you might think I’m crazy, but looking back now, it was the best experience of my life. It taught me so much about myself that I’ll never forget because it was so significant, and so intense.

Before I became ill, I was burning a candle that had many ends, at all ends. =)

It took 5 years of “signs” from my body before it finally went, “OK Hayles, you’re not listening, ***shut down mode!”

At the time I got sick, I had just quit my part-time job in an Architecture studio where I worked full-time hours, I was studying full-time at university, which required an all-nighter once a week to complete the work that was required, and I was training for World Karate Titles every night until roughly 2 or 3am. On the weekends, I was partying hard with my friends because I was so fearful of “missing out” and I felt like it was the only way I could relax, and in-between I survived off coffee and the odd sandwich or steak when time allowed. My life was a clusterf*ck of social events, and aspiring to accomplish things, which spiralled me further downward until my body said, “no more, babe!”.

During the time I was ill, I had no idea why. My life was like I said above, not great, but I had no idea how to change it or even if I could. I thought this was just how it was going to have to be if I was going to get to do everything I wanted. I felt Horrible! Like I was stuck in a drugged-out state and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I was quite angry and depressed because of this too. All the doctors I saw, except one, told me that basically, I was going to have to get used to life being a little crappy. I’d never really be able to work properly again, or make money, or train karate, or really do anything like a normal person… geeeez imagine if I had listened!


4)  What was the thing that really accelerated your healing? (Any juicy tips?!)

It definitely wasn’t just one thing, but using everything in combination was the key. Without writing you an essay here, I’d say my top 5 are:

1. Self-love.

Cultivating the act of deeply accepting yourself, right in this moment – warts and all. Treat your body like a vehicle, and your mind that hates your body, like the challenger to be “shooshed!”. The only way to make changes is by first accepting the situation and finding peace and gratitude within it.

 2. Finding a supportive environment.

Find your tribe. Again, this can be done in combination with all the other steps, but once you find your peeps, you have more energy. They support you, uplift you, hold you accountable, and will catch you when you fall too. Sometimes this means doing a total friend-detox!

3. Listening to your intuition and your body.

Your body knows the answer to all of your big questions long before your brain does. This is why we get sick. This is why we get skin issues, or headaches. Your body is telling you something, and if you listen, you can respond and make the “problem” go away. Same with your intuition. It doesn’t always make sense though, and that’s OK.

Recognise the difference between what you need and what you want, and Do what your body is asking you to do. This is what you need. For example, sometimes, what you want is to go out and see your friends, but what you need is to chill out and enjoy your own company, relaxing for the night. Other times, what you want is to stay home and hide under the blankets and be cranky, but what you need, is to go out and be social. When you understand when your body is telling you what you need to do, you don’t need to think any more =)

4. Back Yourself.

Set goals and protect them like they are your little babies and you’re a mumma bear! If someone is saying things that don’t quite match up with where you want to go, you don’t have to listen. I give you permission right now to tell them to “shove it” if you need to. That sounds harsh, I know, but on this journey of healing, remember, only YOU know your body, NOBODY else. Everyone is different. What works for some, won’t work for all. It gets me so fired up that doctors tell people that there is no cure to this mystery illness, when clearly there is. Follow your gut. This is the same with your goals, too.

5. Never ever ever EVER give up.

I remember in the very early days of my being sick, my Chiropractor said to me, “Hayley, when this is over, you will look back and see it as the best experience of your life, for what it will teach you”… I thought she was nuts.

She was right.

You are here for a reason. This period of your life is temporary, and the lessons you get from learning how to heal yourself will serve you for the rest of your life. That is worth fighting for.


5)  You’ve also won 9 Karate World Titles (Yep, you read right my lovelies! Wow!) – how in the world did you get to that stage from CFS?!

I have competed in world competitions every 2 years since I was 14, sometimes multiple divisions and multiple tournaments, so it was only the 9th that was after my CFS.

To be honest, I feel better than I ever have since I healed my body, so I came back stronger than I had ever been. I had to deal with the blow to my ego of not being able to compete in one of the world tournaments early on when dealing with my illness, and I was still very sick 6 months before the last one I competed in.

At first, I could only do 5 minutes of the 2 hour class. I’d then sit down and go to sleep up the back. So I started amping up everything I was doing to get well. For example, I was having 2 teaspoons of greens, I started having 2 teaspoons, 5 times per day. Absolutely smashing my body with nutrients. I meditated twice daily, went for walks outside even when I was tired just to clear my head, I started having colonics, and I only put the best nutrients I could afford into my body. I got really strict, but it’s important that you know it wasn’t from a place of fear, it was because I believed I deserved to get well.

It was more of a mental challenge though. I had a really hard time dealing with being hit in the face when I came back to training. For some reason, whenever anyone came near my face I’d break down into uncontrollable sobbing – it was so embarrassing! – but I had to learn to be extremely patient with myself, and accept that this was where I was. My ego was going wild, comparing me to everyone else I was training with, and how good they were getting, and how “crap” I was compared to when I stopped training… that doesn’t help.

I made getting better my sole purpose. I made bargains with the universe, and every day I asked myself, “where can I get energy from?”, as opposed to my previous mantra, “why am I so darn tired? When is this going to end?”. It was commitment and a sacrifice, and I told myself I’d be grateful just to be able to compete again, and I think it was coming from this place of non-resistance that I was able to heal much faster.

small kick


6)  How do you make sure you recover from intense physical exercise?

The best advice I have ever been given around recovery, is that “no is a full sentence”.

In the past during times of intense physical training in preparation for a tournament, I’d still do everything I’d normally do, and then some. I’d still go out drinking and partying just as much as before, still agree to late nights and early mornings, all the social events, and despite being exhausted, I thought it was better to sacrifice my body to do all these things and not miss out on “having a life”.

But the life I was living was not the life I really wanted to live, it was more of circumstance, and what I thought I “should” be doing.

Nowadays, I don’t feel like I am ever missing out. When you come from a place of self-love, and acceptance of where you are in your journey, in your training and otherwise, rather than a fear of not being good enough, you can easily say no to things that don’t align with you and your goals.

The best recovery is rest when you need it. Above all else. It’s OK to say no, and you never have to justify why.


7)  Do you ever think about your past history of CFS? How do you focus on the present and the future?

By asking myself every day these 3 questions,

  1. Where can I get more energy from right now? (sometimes, the answer is rest, sometimes, the answer is to go out and move your body.). This keeps me in the moment,
  2. What’s next for me in my life? (This helps me cultivate a positive visualisation of the future)
  3. What is the next logical step to get there? (This helps me take action)
  4. And for one bonus, what am I grateful for right now? (This helps you see the beauty in all that has passed.)

 (Seriously, how amazing is this lady?! Wow! – Katie    xx)

8)  What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your health?

Affirming my boundaries, and having ‘me-time’.

In my work, I get to help people all day, and I absolutely love it. I see a lot of people doing work like me however, and not enjoying it, because they feel like they have to hustle hard and sell their soul for cash. For my health, and for yours, I can’t run my business when it runs me, and I am not asserting my boundaries as to when and how I will work.

It’s the same with sleep. My boyfriend used to need far less sleep than me, and would go to bed really late at night. I used to go to bed when he did, so I could hang out with him, and, (again) not miss out. Sometimes that meant that I would only get 5 or 6 hours per night, which made me consistently exhausted.

When I am feeling energetic and alive, everyone benefits.

Me-time is the second non-negotiable. When I have some time to myself every day, I feel grounded, and sane again. I really notice when I haven’t had it for a while, so now, it’s a non-negotiable. Sometimes that means it has to be 5 minutes of meditation on the loo, other times its a few hours laying on the grass in a park, or writing at a cafe.

If you know what your non-negotiables are, you know the key to living the good life. The next step is to actually make sure you include them in your day!


9)  How has fear appeared in your life and what do you do when it does?

Oh yeaaaah I love this question.

I used to be afraid of fear. Literally. It wasn’t the fear itself that was a problem, as much as the fact that I was afraid. (An ego thing, I guess!)

I used to avoid being afraid of things, because it really annoyed me when I couldn’t do something.

Now, I love when I experience fear. Not the creepy guy down the dark alleyway kinda fear, I mean the fear that makes you feel like you’d be the biggest legend on earth if you could overcome it.

I believe the things we fear are our unique, individual challenges that we are born to overcome. Why else would we all be afraid of different things?

Once we overcome these fears, we realise there was nothing to be afraid of in the first place, perhaps it was even a matter of being focused on the wrong thing!

I have spent the last 5 years busting my own fears, and helping others bust theirs, and I can honestly say from experience, that every time you bust through a fear, you have exactly the same experience in your body. The first time you do it, it’s hard. Every time after that, you can see the pattern repeating itself, and although the fear doesn’t always subside by simply observing it, it becomes a lot less significant, and more part of a system.

When you recognise where you are in the system, it’s exciting because you know where you’re going!

10)  What do you do or say to yourself if you’re having an ‘off’ day?

I have worked really hard to re-frame how I think about “off-days” now. Here’s how I see it:

I don’t have “off” days any more. I used to say I was “having an off day” all the time, and honestly, some days you do feel like sh*t, and everything goes wrong, but when you cultivate a positive mindset that everything is going to be OK, and it’s just working out with a different outcome to how you planned, you realise there is no such thing as an “off” day. It’s just that you have forgotten it’s all fine, and you’re here right now.

One of the elements for change in the unconscious mind is the conversation we have with ourselves. When people used to ask me how I was, I’d say, “Yeah, I’m OK, I’m really tired, I’ve been sick, I have Chronic Fatigue… etc”. One day I started answering that question by saying, “I’m getting better every day” and it became very much like an affirmation to me. My Mantra. As soon as I heard the words come out of my mouth, even if I was feeling really tired, It felt better.

So, in answer to your question, on days where I feel like the proverbial has hit the fan, I take a deep breath, and have a little pep-talk with myself. “It’s all good Hayley, you’re OK. You’re safe”, and then I go back and ask myself the 4 questions from above.


11)  What projects are you working on at the moment?

At the moment, I have a number of projects going. I’m playing solo-traveller and experiencing working with location-independence, which is a dream come true! Right now, as I’m typing, I’m in Havana, in Cuba, and tomorrow, I’m headed to Mexico, where I’ll be finishing my new website.

In July this year I will be running a live workshop in Peak Performance in Sydney, where I teach people everything they need to start living as the biggest expression of themselves, and bust through fears. Afterwards, I will be focusing on turning this into an online, video-based training so the information can be accessed by more people in more places.


12)  Any other words of support and encouragement to share with my readers.

You are amazing. Stay focused on what you want, and never let anything get in the way. You can be as unrealistic as you like, as long as you are willing to give yourself the time, and the love to achieve it. You are supported, and you are safe to take care of yourself. I’m sending you all my love and support… =)


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May 142013


Hay House World Summit

I’m so, so excited to introduce this amazing *FREE* online programme to you courtesy of the fantastic,  well-renowned publisher of life-changing books, Hay House.

Hay House and its authors have formed a huge part of my healing- in fact I’d say they were the ones who expanded my mind and kick-started my healing journey. I realised after reading many of these books that healing was in my hands and that it had been mine all along. Reading these books, following these authors and doing the work got me to where I am today, and I’m so excited to help you start healing CFS with these amazing authors.

The Hay House World Summit, which is delivered completely online and is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE (woohoo!), starts on June 1st and features many of my favourite authors:

  • Louise Hay (Louise wrote the first spiritual book I ever read, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’)
  • Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • Caroline Myss
  • Doreen Virtue
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Esther Hicks (Abraham Hicks)
  • Anita Moorjani
  • Cheryl Richardson
  • Jack Canfield
  • Kris Carr
  • Christiane Northrup, M.D
  • Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Lissa Rankin, M.D
  • Mastin Kipp
  • Robert Holden
  • Suze Orman
  • Bruce Lipton
  • Iyanla Vanzant (will definitely be tuning in for this one- this lady is on fire!)
  • Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Sonia Choquette
  • Neale Donald Walsch

…and many more (yep, I’ve a read A LOT of books- don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Hay House World Summit

All you have to do to register is click on one of the banners on this page and type in your email address- it’s that simple! You’ll be given direct access to 6 exclusive pre-summit online videos. If you’ve never come across these authors or have never picked up a ‘self-help’ or spiritual book, these videos are great introductions.

I’ll be commenting on the findings of the talks as we go through the programme, but I really, really hope for your health and bright, shiny future that you’ll join me in watching, listening and learning from these amazing speakers from June 1st.

It’s completely free and I know you’re going to learn something…it might even change your life (like it did mine!)!

Love and Hay House healing,

Katie   xx

Hay House World Summit

May 132013


Woohoo! I’m so, so pleased to welcome another beautiful, inspirational special guest to the blog this week. This lady is beautiful, passionate and believe that everyone can have the health and vitality they want and deserve. I was slightly flabbergasted when I finished reading this interview- these words are so heartfelt and revolutionary, I was speechless!

Welcome to Conquering Fear Spiritually, Claire Obeid from The Wellness Project!


Claire is a Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. I know some of you are absolutely dying to know about CFS, nutrition and exercise, so in this interview, Claire answers all your questions on this and more. I absolutely love Claire’s evident passion for wellness- you can feel it running out of every word she writes. I don’t really want to to much more, as this interview’s so, so good and I want to pass you straight over to Claire and her amazing words of wisdom. (The phrase ‘Wise beyond her years’ springs to mind!)

Thank you so much to Claire for taking the time to answer some questions for us and for giving such comprehensive answers.

Enjoy my lovelies!

Katie     xxx


1)    What was the inspiration behind your wellness journey?

It wasn’t so much an inspiration rather an epiphany that whacked me over the head.

In my late teens/early 20s you could say I lead a pretty destructive lifestyle. Around 22 I’d started to have an inkling that something wasn’t quite right. I was choosing to stay in and read, instead of party. ‘Quiet and Slow’ had become my new way of living.

Not long after my first Iyengar yoga class literally cracked me wide open. I spent the class with hot, wet tears rolling down my face as I dealt with physical pain and emotional release. It was in this moment that I realized something had to give.. IBS, adrenal fatigue, OCD, anxiety – they’d all found a home in me. I knew then in that yoga class I had to make a change

From there, every spare moment and spare dollar went towards yoga. I was googling yoga sequences at work and researching retreats.

At each step I started to feel more open, lighter, aware… happy, if I dare say.

Yoga then led me to review how I was feeding my body. I started to experience stillness in mind and a stronger body but I was still grappling with health issues. The more I played with and tweaked my diet the stronger and more balanced I felt.

Today, I am STILL on my wellness journey, or in the midst of my wellness project, as I like to see it. I am forever a student of wellness. Experiencing life, reviewing it, driving forward, sitting with it, opening up, embracing challenges, finding new ways, refining and retuning. It’s ongoing, and I love it that way. Wellness is a journey into yourself – to your true essence – and I adore feeling connected in that way.


2)    What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your health

Firstly it’s what works for my body (or yours). Non-negotiables have to be tried and tested to know if they are right for you. My must-haves are good, clean, WHOLESOME food. If it’s not real, it’s not on. Lots of filtered water. Lots of good fats – I am all for fat and the traditional way of eating. Green veggies – as many as I can handle in one day!

Yoga, breathwork + meditation. Daily movement and quietening of the mind are by the far the most valuable part of my wellness regime.


3)    How has fear appeared in your life and what do you do when it does?

We all have limiting beliefs ingrained in us from such a young age. I still have fears and insecurities, the difference is I SEE them for what they are now. I am aware when they crop up, I know they aren’t the ‘real’ me – but an ego-based reflection. Fear creeps into my life when I’m not trusting the universe and myself. I might start to question my place in the world and what I’m here for. Or I might start comparing myself to others.

First, I let myself feel the fear and then I move forward.

I used to fight it – a lot – and I was left with an ectopic heartbeat and a serious case of anxiety and OCD

I find that I need to move towards fear. Shake its hand, say hello, sit down with and say ‘so… what’s up?’. I acknowledge it and then, thankfully, it starts to dissipate, it becomes watered down and almost ‘silly’. When I ignore it and turn my back to it, it grows bigger and bolder and manifest into almost every part of my life. This takes repetition, practice, willingness

If I’m feeling truly overwhelmed and I need to reign it in it’s here that I usually practice EFT (check out my video on what this is and how to do it! http://thewellnessproject.net.au/2013/04/30/why-you-should-try-tapping-for-health/) or meditation.

Yoga gets me out of my head and drops me back into my heart and my body. Getting outside – sunshine, nature, earth beneath my feet – this reconnects me to something bigger and greater than my fears. And journaling – I’ve always been a writer, so the written word is very therapeutic to me. It’s cleansing to brain-dump.


4)    What do you do or say to yourself if you’re having and off’ day?

I let myself have an off-day. I be OK with it. I say “Claire, it’s cool – you are human and you are having an OFF day “I then look into my heart, drop the story around my ‘off day’ and try and tune into what I need.
Drop my tools and leave work alone for a day? Yoga? A walk? A big green smoothie. Cry into a pillow? Laugh with friends. Dance?

I let it unfold.


5)    You produce and publish some amazing, fresh and health recipes on your blog. What foods should we be incorporating into our diet to encourage healing and sustain our energy?

Thank you!

Keep it real. That’s my rule. Keep it simple and fresh. Have a predominantly plant based diet.

  • Lots of Dark green leafy veggies. Lots of veggies full stop. They should be your best friend.
  • If you eat meat – grass fed and pastured produce only. Be mindful of the source.
  • Eggs are an amazing source of protein – I eat at least 6 a week.
  • LOTS of good fat, especially if you’re a woman – fatty fish, coconut oil, real butter, avocados, nuts.
  • Hydrate – don’t go mental, but at least 1.5 litres per day
  • Reduce the sugar – even fruit. Preferably live a sugar-free life.
  • Good sources of grains – brown rice is so incredibly healing but make sure its biodynamic and local
  • Superfoods are fantastic as supplements but if you are low in cash don’t fret, real food is just as good, if not better. Superfoods are ‘add-ons’ they should be your bulk
  • Probiotic foods – yoghurt and kefir are always in my fridge. If you are lactose intolerant go for coconut or goats/sheep’s milk based options

claire yoga


6)    You’re a yoga teacher as well as being an inspirational health coach- is there a place for yoga as part of a healing process? Do you have any gentle yoga postures that people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can adopt? 

There is such a HUGE place for yoga in healing. I started my healing process because of yoga. In fact, I’ve decided to incorporate more yoga into my Holistic Health Coaching practice.

I have had clients suffering from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia and all have incorporated yoga into their daily routine.

The key with Chronic Fatigue sufferers is to adopt a gentle ‘slowly-slowly’ approach. Yoga is such a special practice because it can be harnessed for the individual and their needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all.

Balancing yogic breathing techniques are invaluable as are gentle.

Supported forward bends like pachimottanasana (seated) and uttanasana (standing) balance and calm the nervous system.

A supported downward facing dog (using blocks and bolsters) is key to increase blood flow, frees tension in the upper back and gently builds energy and reclining restorative postures like Supta Buddha Konasana (bound angle pose) over bolsters increases flow and circulation to the adrenals, thyroid and kidneys which store a lot of energy.


7)    Describe yourself in three words.

Authentic. Passionate. Positive.

And a few more for good measure: Intuitive, present, loving, open and honest!

It’s hard in only three!

(I love this- Claire walks her talk alright!) 


8)    What projects are you working on at the moment? 

Oooh – so many! I’m working on my first ever eBook. It’s all about learning how to surrender and let go of all the ‘stuff’ that holds us back or the situations we can’t control so that we can literally STEP into the life we want. I think Chronic Fatigue Sufferers would have a lot of experience in the challenge of surrender.

My own journey is peppered with countless challenges in surrender. All of which I am so grateful for, because I feel better equipped to help myself and help others embrace the art of letting go.

I’m also planning a new online offering based around yoga and wellness which I CANNOT wait to get off the ground.

On a smaller scale I’m going deeper into my video blogs and will be posting up little yoga how-tos and sequences to share this amazing practice.


9)    Any other words of support and encouragement to share with my readers.

You a spiritual being enjoying a human existence. Embrace your story as a human being to an extent. Our body and how it functions is so important to how we exist day-to-day. But also willingly unattach a little from the body. You are more than just your body and it’s ailments. It’s important to not identify too much with the physical realm… even though it’s what binds you to this earth. You have layer upon layer – from the physical, material, spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic. You can lead the most fulfilling life WITH what you have. You can take what you have and make it better! You can make changes that nurture and support you, you can embrace the beauty of acceptance and you can also love the life you are in – with all its flaws.

Health and wellness is individual – it’s totally unique for each person… the recipe is different. This is exciting news because you get to own your wellness – branded under your name. Embrace it, wear it with pride and make it truly special. When you are ready to grow and evolve it’ll still carry your unique stamp and it’ll give you exactly what you need, when you need it. All you have to do is want more for yourself because you truly believe that it’s your birth right to live a balanced, happy and healthy life in mind, body and spirit!

claire 2


Connect with Claire

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May 012013


I’m so, so excited to share with you my first in a series of regular guest interviews with lovely ladies and gents who inspire me on a daily basis. They live from their heart, they move through fear graciously and live healthy, happy, abundant and beautiful lives.

I can’t think of anyone better to start this series than the lovely Jen from Wild Sister and the inspirational Wild Sisterhood.community. One look at Jen’s amazing website, and you know immediately what she stands for- outrageous creativity, sisterhood, solidarity, vibrant colour and dreaming wildly.


This is what I love about Jen. Her monthly online magazine, Wild Sister, is packed full of uplifting spiritual, real-world advice to help you live beyond your wildest dreams. If you’re looking at kick-starting you CFS healing journey, trust me, learning from Jen and Wild Sister is definitely the way to go! The first time I sat down with a copy on my iPad, I think I got through 4 cups of herbal tea- I couldn’t stop reading and thinking about what these words meant for me.

Please visit Jen’s amazing website and follow her on social media (links are underneath the interview below). The latest edition of Wild Sister is on the Law of Attraction. Make sure you’ve got a good bit of time to read and enjoy it- lots of ‘a-ha’ moment for me! You can also download a free Wild Sister Sampler from the website- it’s beautiful!

Most of all, thank you so much to beautiful Jen for letting me interview her- I know her words will resonate with you just as much as this did with me.

Enjoy my darlings!

Love and wild dreaming,

Katie  xx



1. Describe yourself in three words.

Colourful. Inspired. Free.


2. What was the inspiration behind ‘Wild Sister’ magazine?

I’ve always been an advocate for positivity, and I grew tired of media that always made women feel bad about who they are.

I wanted to create something that would inspire women and help them to feel beautiful, loved, worthy and empowered.

Basically, I wanted to read a magazine that made me feel good, so I made one.


3. What would you say to anyone who hasn’t read ‘Wild Sister’ magazine?

What are you waiting for?! Haha!

In all seriousness, I know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a woman who craves inspiration, empowerment and a sisterhood of women just like you, Wild Sister is for you.


4. What does sisterhood mean to you?

Connection, as in souls connecting deeply with one another. It’s femininity + strength + vulnerability + raw truth. It’s knowing you can be completely yourself with your soul sisters, without the fear of judgement.


5. What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your life?

Positivity. Choosing happiness. Love. Freedom. And oh-so-much-laughter.


6. How has fear appeared in your life and what do you do when it does?

Fear has appeared in my life a lot. I used to let it control every part of my life, if I was afraid of it, I wouldn’t do it. I thought I needed to wait until the fear went away first.

Now, I still feel fear. But instead of letting it block my path like a brick wall, I walk right through it. I don’t try to resist it or get rid of it, I move forward with it. And the more I keep doing that, the less control fear has over my life.


7. What do you do or say to yourself if you’re having an ‘off’ day?

I look for the lesson.

No matter what it is, whether mulling over a mistake I made or obsessing over something that annoys me, I get out of my head and into the moment.

Then I reframe it and look for ways I can learn from that experience. I always find a lesson in off days, even if all it is is to be more patient with myself. I’m always learning.

Most importantly, I always remind myself that I can do better tomorrow. I never beat myself up, I remember that I’m always doing the best I can with what I have at the time. That’s enough.


8. What projects are you working on at the moment?

I’ve got a few on my to-do list but the first one is an e-course that will guide women through the process of creating their own e-magazine in 30 days. I’m super excited about it!


9. Do you have any other words of support and encouragement to share with my readers?

Remember to always smile at yourself in the mirror :)


Follow Jen and dream your big life!

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