Apr 292013


Lots of my mentoring clients have said that CFS is ultimately quite boring. Man, I hear you!

I know the state of being sick is boring in itself, but what bugs me more is the name, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

It sounds miserable, it feels miserable and sometimes, let’s be honest, it is miserable.


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But what if we injected a bit of fun into it! (Errrmmmm, what?!)

How about instead of CFS standing for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, we make it stand for something else?

Reframing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Conquering Fear Spiritually

* Celebrating Feeling Spectacular

* Crying From Spirit

Comforting Fabulous Striving

* Cheering Fantastic Sparkles (yey! ♥)

* Creating Fairy-Tale Stories (ok, slight cheat with this one!)

Clearing Frightening States

Collecting Faith Supreme

Contemplate Flourishing Sensationally

CFS isn’t look quite so terrible now, is it?! Have fun with these lovely acronyms- they might just brighten up your day! What ideas did you think of?

Love and Creating Fabulous Steps,

Katie   xx

Apr 092013

Hi everyone! This is just a short post to mark the historic arrival of two important milestones in Conquering Fear Spiritually’s history! Yahoo!

Firstly, you’ll probably notice if you’ve made it this far(!) that the website has been changed a little bit to make it more readable and it therefore allows me to help you through those rocky patches and beautiful patches. I really hope you enjoy the new look and the new website! Yehoooo!

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Secondly, (*big gulp!*), I finally got around to something I’ve been thinking about for a while- putting up a video blog. I know that lots of people out there can’t read for long periods of time, especially on computer screens and many people just prefer listening to things, so I thought I’d have a go! Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in watching more of in the future- I’ll try and keep them short, I promise!

chronic fatigue video youtube

Enjoy my darlings- have a beautiful day!

Love and vlogs, Katie    xx

Mar 272013

I don’t know about you, but I never felt there was a day- a single day – during being ill in bed where I relaxed completely, where I felt myself say, “Stuff it, I’m going to enjoy this”. How are you supposed to enjoy it? It’s never-ending, you’re in pain and nothing really seems to be getting any better.

Remember those days off you had when you’d have a bad cold or the flu, even when you were younger? The day was completely devoted to YOU and what you and your body needed to get its strength up again. You felt snotty and disgusting, but you were curled up, watching your favourite DVD, drinking hot tea or soup and even in your sucky state, a bit of you relaxes, because you know that that’s the only thing you can do right now.

Why can’t we be as kind to ourselves with CFS? I couldn’t- I was terrible at it. I used to try and do jobs around the house or try and tidy things up, so I felt as if I was ‘doing’ something. I’d read only to feel like I was having ‘too much fun’, then would feel guilty about it. Ultimately, what happened? You guessed it- I woke up the next morning feeling worse than the previous morning. My muscles ached and my throat was sore, but more importantly, I was mentally exhausted. I felt emotionally drained and not fit for action at all.

My emotions were affecting everything and slowing down my recovery. Why do we burden ourselves with guilt, shame, fear, disappointment and hopelessness when our body is in recovery mode and needs our emotional help? Who are we helping by doing this? Certainly not ourselves.

You owe it to yourself during your illness to relax and enjoy your recovery time. It’s not selfish to take time out and focus on yourself. You can only fully help others when you help yourself. Don’t fight it- work with it, and your healing will be much quicker. You’ll even come to expect healing.

  • Run yourself a bath and stay in there until your fingers look like prunes.
  • Watch that movie that your partner can’t stand, but you think it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen.
  • Put some lipstick on, even though your hair’s a mess and you’re still in your PJs.
  • Drink your green juices and smoothies in a wine glass.
  • Meditate for 5 minutes.
  • Flick through your favourite trashy magazine.
  • Write a letter to yourself or a friend.
  • Play Beyonce as loud as it can go and work it.

It’s your day- even if you’re ill in bed, don’t waste it for second. Even if you only have half an hour to yourself before the kids come home, use it and love it. Be messy, be greedy, be joyful, be fabulous, be selfish. It’s your time- have fun with it. If you have a whole day, declare a Healing Day and pamper yourself guilt-free. If you have a week or a month, even better- you deserve it.

I’m heading away for the long Easter weekend with my fiancé and some friends to Byron Bay, an amazing place by the beach just south of Brisbane, Australia. I’ve already got massages and lovely things planned for when we get there, beautiful vegan food courtesy of the Conscious Cafe and music and laughter courtesy of the legendary Byron Bay Blues Festival. I’ve declared this to be 4 days of healing, laughter, sun and treating myself, which we all need from time to time…and I’m going to go for it!

lighthousePhoto of Byron Bay Lighthouse taken from here

byronPhoto of Byron Bay at sunrise taken from here

Can you dedicate some time to your healing today or this weekend without feeling guilt or shame? Can you declare this a month of healing? I’d love to know what you did and how you felt afterwards. I’ll share some pictures and an account of my 4 days away next week!

Have a beautiful long weekend everyone!

Love and me-time,

Katie     xxx

Mar 252013

2013. Did you decide that this was going to be the big one? Did you decide that this was the year it was going to happen? Recovery from illness, more money in the bank, to go for a run more often, to remember to be kinder…whatever it was, it’s not too late (and I’m not just saying this to make you feel better.)


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New Year Resolutions, as traditional as they may be, are strange little creatures. Change and willingness to change can occur any month, any day, any minute, any hour…this second.

Living with CFS feels like you’re never going to have this chance again, the chance to make a change. People who haven’t lived with CFS face the same challenges- change is scary for everyone. But who is telling you you’ve missed your chance to change? Is it your family? They know that change is possible for you. Is it society? Society thrives on change- in fact sometimes, it moves too quickly. So, who is it?

Is it you?

Do you want to change?

Answer this honestly. If you don’t want to change deep down, I hear you. I didn’t fancy it either, as it meant being who I really was and deciding what I really wanted to do. It would opening myself up to scary and amazing possibilities every day. It involves action, being vulnerable and it’s scary as hell. Everything had been against me up until that point, so why bother changing now?

The truth is, it was make or break time for me. I’d had it of the illness taking over. I knew getting better was possible, despite what I’d been led to believe. Making it a reality was a struggle, but I did it.

Be grateful.

Know your limits.

Love life, warts and all.

Look after and love your body.


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You will get there, because you can get there. The best advice I can give you is simple: get out of your head and into your heart.

Use one of these amazing things to help you- just give the picture below a click. You’ll never use anything as beautiful and focussed again in your lifetime:


It’s all there waiting for you. Use this blog as a companion on your journey.

Make 2013 your year.

Love and faith in your healing,

Katie      xx

Feb 262013

I’m so excited to let you know that the fantastic and inspirational MindBodyGreen has published one of my articles! I’m so truly grateful to MindBodyGreen for allowing me to spread the word and to help more people who may be affected by CFS.

The article, 5 Diet Changes That Helped Me Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, shares 5 nutritional tips that really helped improve my health and which I stick to every day to maintain optimum wellness. These 5 worked for me, but you may find that others work better for you- it’s taken a lot of trial and error, but these are my go-to goodies!

I hope to enjoy reading the article- please let me know what helps you manage your symptoms. In the meantime, I’ve included the MindBodyGreen Mural below to inspire you today. The website is jam-packed full of wellness information and spiritual inspiration- it’s an absolute essential.


Enlarged version can be found here

Love and expansion,


Feb 182013

mother teresa

It took me a long time to accept during my period of illness that the magic of every day was in the little things- the things that some healthier people maybe took for granted. But whether you have CFS or not, there is knowledge and wisdom to be had celebrating the small things.

* Waking up and feel slightly more rested that you did before you went to bed

* Being able to move a little bit further than you did yesterday

* Enjoying a beautiful day without the sunlight hurting your eyes

* Listening to gorgeous bird song without feeing your head throb

* Enjoying a meal with your family, even if you can only manage a few spoonfuls

* Laughing and letting the laughter clear your head and heart

These are just a few things to be grateful for as you go through your journey. You will find that as you get better, you will automatically find reasons to be grateful. This won’t come easily, but it will come in time.

Love and laughter,



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