Jun 222016
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We’ve all done it, and maybe we’ve found a tiny breadcrumb or two something, but at some stage we’ve all looked for evidence that CFS healing is possible. Now, I’m not much of a scientist and, as many of you know by reading my story, I didn’t heal via traditional medical means (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) So, stories or at the least the hope of recovery was what pulled me through.

If I’m completely honest, I couldn’t really find many recovery stories when I was healing, or at least not ones that didn’t have someone doing this on the front cover:

unsplash man on mountainImage by Joshua Earle for Unsplash

Arms above their head in victory on top of a mountain (and also able to climb to top of said mountain.) Well, unfortunately, it was incredibly hard for me to relate to these images while I was in bed unable to move. I understand the sentiment, but I just couldn’t ‘get there’.

Over the last few days, I’ve received an incredible amount of emails and messages from people just like you who follow the blog, letting me know how well they’re coming on in the CFS recovery journey. I got so emotional while replying to one message that I stopped writing it to record this video (and proceeded to cry with happiness afterwards- I should have made an ‘outtakes’ video!).

Walking on the grass for the first time. Coming off medication with the help of a doctor. Experiencing a lowering in their anxiety levels. GETTING MARRIED to a wonderful man who she never thought in a million years she’d meet because of her illness.

It’s all in this two-minute video (with a sprinkle of “amazing” and emotion!) Enjoy and then read on, my love…

Evidence that CFS Healing Is Possible

Granted, it’s not scientific evidence, but this means more to me that medical reports and statistics.

Be Happy For The Healing Of Others

I know exactly what you’re going to say, “That’s great for them, but why not me?”. I understand my love, I felt the same way too.

When we celebrate and help others to rise up, we all rise up. This isn’t an ‘it’ll never happen for me’ situation- these people didn’t think it would happen for them either. At my lowest points, I genuinely didn’t think I’d recover, but it happened. So, be happy for those who are making progress, because soon, it’ll be you, and I for one will be there cheering you on (and making soppy videos for you!)

Be inspired, not deflated. Be encouraged, not disappointed. Be optimistic, not pessimistic.

One day, it’ll be you.

Love, Katie      xxx

Feb 112016
Katie Manning CFS

If you’ve followed my blog for a little while, you know that I talk about acceptance quite a lot, but what does acceptance really mean?

I’ve discussed it in my e-books and also in this very special webinar I gave last year, but recently after mentoring many new clients, I find myself coming back to the same thing when we discuss how they can best move forward.

A lot of people haven’t really accepted what happened to them.

A lot of people think they have, but if they’re really honest with themselves, they’re still asking themselves, ‘What does acceptance really mean?’, ‘Am I anywhere near it yet?’ and most importantly, ‘Why did this happen to me?’

I was exactly the same as you. I thought I’d come to terms with it, but as I moved through a long and agonising period of relapses without learning why I still wasn’t getting anywhere, I realised that there had to be more to it than met the eye.

I should just say that it is not your fault if you’re missing this piece of the puzzle, but our minds and egos will try and make us think that it is our fault. (Click here for more on this.) You’ve done nothing wrong, and the insights in this video might help you feel a little bit lighter in your mind and body.

In this video, I answer questions around-

  • what does acceptance really mean?
  • why do I keep getting stuck in the same loop (and am I playing the victim)?
  • how can I move forward?
  • hat does it feel like in my body to truly accept something?

I really hope this is useful for you, my love, and I’d love to hear your comments below. Did this video resonate with you?

Keep moving forward gently, and always know that we’re all just doing our best with the knowledge we have at the time.

Love, Katie     xx

Sep 152015

This post is inspired by the beautiful and revolutionary Danielle LaPorte.

love letterPicture taken from here

A Letter to Chronic Fatigue

Dear CFS, the Love of my life,

You’ve been with me through thick and thin, through good times and some incredibly bad times. I know you’ve been feeling that this was going to happen for a while, but I’m sorry to say that now that time has come. The time has come for me to thank you for all the blessings you have given me and for all the great, great lessons you’ve taught me. You will never know how grateful I am to you for all that you have given me.

You’ve made me scared, frightened, fearful and sick with worry.

You’ve made me feel hopeless, desperate and ashamed.

You’ve made me ache, made my writhe in pain, made me stay up all night, made me sleep until it’s impossible to sleep any more.

You’ve made me doubt myself, doubt my life, doubt my relationships.

You’ve made the possible impossible; the easy, mind-bendingly difficult; the ordinary, an extraordinary task.


You’ve made me listen to the birds again.

You’ve made me watch and listen to the rustle of the tress once more.

You’ve made me realise that I’m pretty unique and goofy, and that’s ok.

You’ve made me appreciate the little things.

You’ve made me cry with gratitude at another day, another opportunity to live life.

You’ve made to give thanks for my amazing fiancé, supportive family and super friends.

You’ve made me realise that my life is here as a gift, and it’s mine to give in the most loving way I can to others, and to myself.

You’ve made me realise I am limitless. I am boundless. I am free.


That this world is worth the wait.


That people need my gifts.


That life is beautiful and glowingly sacred.


I am strong because of you. I am in love because of you. I am vulnerable because of you. I am myself because of you.


For that, my dear friend, I will always be truly grateful.


In love and abundant gratitude,

Katie     xx

Finding M.E.

Jul 152015


It’s been a while since I’ve put a vlog together for you all, so I thought I’d talk about a topic which a lot of you seem to mention at the moment, which is…… guilt. Guilt and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from my experience go hand-in-hand.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.35.10 AM

I can see you all nodding your head already…well, take a look at the video my lovely. I hope there’s something in it that resonates with you. Make sure you do your homework!

If guilt is an issue for you, please take a look at these other posts:

I’d love to hear your comments below- how does your illness make your feel guilty? Did your homework bring up any issues for you? I’m ready for you all, with a big hug and mug of tea!

Love and zero guilt,

Katie     xx

Jun 252015


For a while now, I’ve felt a little bit dirty and almost guilty for going shopping.

I used to love window shopping with my Mum when I lived back in the UK, but all that changed when I moved to London. All those crowds meant that even when I desperately needed to buy something (hello holey t-shirts!), I gave up pretty quickly and left empty-handed.

There is a common misconception that if you’re living the ‘spiritual life’ that going on the hunt for material possessions is somehow wrong and not at all in keeping with the expectations of spirituality. An idea that Shopping and Spirituality can’t and shouldn’t go together. I realised at the weekend that I’d let this take over my thoughts in a very negative way. I’d been feeling so terrible about my clothes and how I looked for a while, but felt bad going out and shopping (a bit of vicious circle, I’m sure you’d agree!)

Shopping and spirituality

However, there is something about buying an item you need, and feeling fabulous in it, that seems to be very much in keeping with that spirit we long for when we finish that self-help book or sit on our meditation cushion. We feel like the best version of ourselves and it gives that essential feminine energy that many of us crave, but feel unable to tap into. There’s also so much incredible creativity out there in the retail world- so many amazing colours, designs and inspirations. It’s a world of amazing potential and vibrancy.

Clearly, there are limits however. Diving into this energy too much as a way of trying to reach this feeling can leave us (and potentially, our bank accounts) feeling hollow and a little bit sorry-for-themselves. Buy when you need to and what you need to, give your clothes away when you need a clear-out and keep your eye out for a bargain (that’s all part of the fun of it after all).

Have fun, enjoy my love and don’t feel guilty for tapping into that luxurious, wholly feminine side of you. You’re worth it.

Love, Katie     xxx

Jun 232015


“How to Cope with CFS Relapse” – this have to be the number 1 topic I’m asked about by my mentoring clients and via email.

Ooooh wow. Relapses, ey?! Don’t you just love ‘em. Just when you think you’re on the right track, you wake up one morning and you’re right back where you started…and you feel hurt, ashamed, disappointed and terrified.


‘One step forward, two steps back’ image taken from here

My Experience of Relapses

I’ve had a number of relapses during my time. Many of them were during times when I was actually managing to work full-time, but I definitely still wasn’t well. I ignored my body completely and ended up taking not just one day off with a cold, like most people, but at least a week. I knew if I woke up on a Monday morning, felt disgusting and phoned in sick, I knew without a doubt that I’d probably be off for a week. With hindsight, once I told myself this a few times, it was almost like I was setting myself up to take the week off, but I knew my body was weak and a relapse was what I needed for my body to tell me to slow down. I felt incredibly guilty about letting my colleagues and students down. I think this guilt most definitely prolonged my illness- I used to think so negatively and badly about myself.

Whether you’re working or not, you know what it feels like when it seems as though everyone in the world is fit and well and can hold down a 9-5, 5 days a week job without batting an eyelid. When I was at work, I pushed myself to be as good as, if not better than my colleagues, and never gave myself any slack or down time. I didn’t eat properly, didn’t exercise and self-care most definitely came last, so in a way, with all the stress and pressure I was putting on myself, it’s no wonder I relapsed.

Tips for CFS/M.E. Relapses

If you’re like me, relapses came to be unwelcome, but unfortunately very familiar friends. Here are some tips to carry you through these time when it feels like you’re back to square one again:

  • Know that this relapse is just a small set back on your road to healing and it does not mean that will never recover or are incapable of recovery. Brush it off and focus on the journey ahead.
  • Each relapse in the greater scheme of things is there to teach you something. Think back- how did you feel just before your relapse? (My throat and throat were incredibly painful just before mine, and I used to slur my words) Where you really looking after yourself? Did you find yourself getting stressed? How could you change this for next time?
  • If you can, write down how you’re feeling just before relapses and your symptoms in a journal. You can then refer back to it if it happens again, so you know what your triggers are. Try and find ways to reduce or stop these triggers altogether- then you’ll really be able to get a handle on what’s going on and be able to prevent or reduce possible relapses in the future.
  • As tempting as it is, do not wallow and give yourself a hard time. This is the worst thing you can do. Pretty soon, you’re swimming in negativity and wake up the next morning feeling worse (it took me ages to really realise that the more negative and ‘in my head’ I was, the worse my symptoms were, the more ‘brain-foggy’ I was and the longer my relapse lasted for – coincidence?!)
  • As soon as you’ve realised you’ve relapsed, do something lovely just for you- be incredibly kind to yourself, just as you would a family member or a friend. Negativity and anger at yourself is just wasted energy which can be much better spent on relaxing into recovery and for a better tomorrow.

If you’re going through a relapse just now, please know that you are not alone. We are here with you and we know what you’re going through. Think about the big picture and your journey as a whole- of course there will be set backs, but it makes the journey all the more interesting and enriching.

Love and the big picture,

Katie     xxx

luther king

Picture taken from here

Apr 022015
easter blogfest


It has been such a long time since I’ve put together a little blog round-up for you, so I’d thought I put together an special Easter Blogfest edition for you for the long weekend coming up. (You can have a look at my other recommended blogs here.)

easter blogfest

I know what it’s like, sometimes we get utterly overwhelmed by people sharing things on the internet left right and centre, but trust me when I say that everything here has been tried, tested and loved by me. Take what you love and leave the rest.

Have a beautiful weekend my lovely- my Take Care Project lovelies are really inspiring me to slow down and remember the small things, and I hope you can do this this weekend too.

Love, Katie       xxx


The CFS Easter Blogfest

Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk: The Price of Shame

I know that Monica Lewinsky divides public opinion, but this is one of the most honest and raw TED talks I think I’ve ever seen. Click here and prepare to hang up your preconceptions for 22 minutes.

monica lewinsky ted talk image


The Little Sage’s ‘Letting Go’ Kit

At the turn of the year in Bali, I knew I needed a little help in harnessing the energy of 2015. For some reason, I think it’s going to be a biggie.

As if by magic, the incredible team at The Little Sage lead by Helen Jacobs had just released their ‘Letting Go’ kit- such divine timing. Beautiful.

The kit features a beautiful e-book, with advice on what it means to truly let go and how it might look in your life, together with two meditations- one entitled ‘Letting Go’ and other called ‘Cutting Cords’ (both are very powerful, trust me!)

I took this photo just before diving into the ebook and placed it on a piece of material I’d just bought from a gorgeous lady on the bridge on the way back from central Ubud. I magically found the piece of clear quartz on a desk where we were staying- I’m sure it hadn’t been there the day before.

letting go ebook

I cannot recommend this kit highly enough- you would not believe the shifts that have already happened for me this year. Hop over to the website and you’ll instinctively know you’re onto some special.

Thank you to Helen and the Little Sage team for serving us with their incredible, intuitive offerings.


Awaken Radio Episode: Healing and Clearing Emotional Blocks

I absolutely love the gorgeous Connie Chapman’s ‘Awaken Radio’ Series, and this episode in particular (click here for the link) just blows me away. If you’re interested in past lives and/or you’re an empath, this is the episode for you.

Connie interviews Rebecca Dettman, who is an expert in psychic emotional work. I don’t really want to say anything else as I’ll spoil it, but this podcast is truly fascinating. These ladies are so inspiring to listen to and so full of passion.

connie chapman


Claire Baker’s ‘Who the f*ck am I again?’

I really, really enjoyed reading Claire from ‘This is Lifeblood‘s’ incredibly honest blog post, ‘Who the f*ck am I again?!’ I really resonated with a lot of the questions she poses in this post, and I know you will too. Bookmark this one!

claire baker


Emily Ehler’s Raw Hot Cross Bun Bites Recipe

I have to say, I do like Easter (That ‘long weekend’ feeling never gets dull!), but a lot of us completely overdose on sugar. I guess it’s all part of the fun of it, but I can’t resist a hot cross bun!

Luckily, this incredible recipe for raw hot cross buns bites (dairy, gluten, grain, sugar-free; raw, vegan and paleo) appeared at just the right time. I love Emily’s recipe (especially with the cashew milk!) and I know you will too.

raw hot cross buns


Melissa Ambrosini’s ‘Are you Living your Legacy?’

Melissa’s incredible article brought tears to my eyes, and I was so moved by her words. It got me thinking about the legacy I would like to leave, and I’ve thought about the article a lot since reading it. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Click here to have a read.

Melissa Ambrosini image

Mar 202015


As many of you know from my Facebook page, I decided a few weeks ago to try going Gluten Free. There wasn’t any particular motivation around this aside from the fact that a friend encouraged me to try it for a week just to see what happened, as she’s been gluten-free for a while. I thought it’d also be great to encourage me to think a bit more creatively about meals and to be more mindful about my food. If you’ve been following my newsletter as well, you’ll know that I felt so great after week one, that I decided to keep on going with it!


Image taken from MindBodyGreen

Many of you have probably heard or read things about gluten, and “Does Gluten Free Help CFS?” is one the questions I get asked on a regular basis? It seems as though in every article I’ve written recently (such as this one for MindBodyGreen), someone mentions the link between CFS and gluten. I must admit, I hadn’t really looked into it too much while I was ill, and many of you might be wondering why I’m bothering to write this in the first place if I’m completely healed, right?! Well, sometimes, it’s good just to mix things up a bit. I do sometimes experience digestive issues, especially when stressed, so I thought going gluten-free would be a good way to monitor my digestive system and general wellbeing.

What the hell is gluten?

Gluten is the substance found in cereal grains that basically makes bread doughy and elastic-y- the gluten is the protein part of the grain. Although gluten can very sneakily be found hiding in many unsuspecting things (seriously, this article is scary!), wheat (also in the form of rye, barley,bulgar, spelt and durum – pasta!) is probably the main culprit. It’s incredibly surprising if you actually look at labels to see how much gluten or gluten-containing things are hidden in things we eat- seriously, after a few weeks of cooking gluten-free, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! Things like chocolate, soy sauce and even vitamin pills seem to be riddled with the stuff.

What are the symptoms?

Funnily enough, many of them seem to be exactly the same as those that CFS/Fibro sufferers get! (Lovely!) Often, there might be more skin rashes or digestive issues if you have gluten troubles, but this is why it’s so hard to recognise. Click here for more information on symptoms and complications.

What does the research say?

As it stands (as with so many things in the CFS/Fibro arena), the small amount of research done suggests that there isn’t any clear overlap between celiac disease – the autoimmune disorder caused by gluten- and CFS/Fibromyaglia. Some people have claimed that cutting out gluten alone was enough to get rid of their symptoms completely, whereas some people say it really didn’t make that much difference to them. However, only 1% of the population have an incredibly severe reaction to gluten, so you can probably breath easy.

The gluten thing on further research is all a bit complicated. Lots of people have food sensitivities which come with their own host of symptoms or which can make CFS/Fibro symptoms worse. Some people might even have been misdiagnosed as having CFS when they actually have a severe gluten intolerance.


Image taken from here

So, what can I do about it?

If you’re not sure whether you’re intolerant to gluten or whether it’s worth investigating further with your doctor, keep a food diary for about 3 weeks. Do you notice your symptoms flair up the morning after you’ve had pasta for your evening meal? Do you feel incredibly sleepy and dozy after eating bread? Do you have digestive issues or discomfort after eating gluten? (If you have IBS, then it’s possible than gluten might makes things a little worse for example. Also, consider whether or not your IBS is a possible gluten sensitivity.) Write it all down and play around with things a little bit. If you can see a clear pattern, maybe it’s worth requesting an allergy test from your doctor. Unfortunately, if you’re severely gluten-intolerant, you can’t just do it 95% of the time- it’s an all or nothing job, as your symptoms will return and you’ll feel ill again.

What can I eat if I’m going gluten-free?

There are actually a few options, but triple-check the labels on things! Anything with flour in it, such as cakes, sauces and dough/pastry bases, also contain gluten. As I mentioned in this article, things like quinoa are supposed to be gluten-free, but aren’t as squeaky clean as most people first thought! (Boo!) Also, I found that some of the gluten-free substitutes just tasted absolutely awful. I found going to health food shops to buy gluten free bread and pasta a lot better in terms of taste and nutrients. You can eat:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • lentils, rice, quinoa (in theory!) and legumes
  • nuts and seeds
  • dairy products and eggs
  • lean meat and fish

However, always make sure you look on the labels of things if they say ‘gluten-free’. Gluten-free is a huge health craze at the moment, and even though the products might be free from gluten, there are sometimes lots of nasty chemicals and additives thrown in instead!

The Results of my Gluten-Free Experiment

After about 2-3 days, I didn’t feel as bloated as I sometimes used to and my stomach felt a lot calmer, like it didn’t have a huge stone in it. I didn’t have many stomach upsets, but I once accidentally ate a wrap made from wheat, and I really felt the difference afterwards! Going GF makes my stomach feel a lot lighter and even though I’m not gluten-intolerant, I definitely think cutting back on gluten is going to benefit me. So…I’m sticking with it!

So, over to you! Have you heard the reports about CFS/Fibromyalgia and gluten? Have you tried going gluten-free yourself? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Love and light,

Katie    xx

Feb 262015

Accepting The Now For What It Is

I’ve known for a while that I’m quite stubborn. I’ve always prided myself on being independent, paying my own way, doing my own thing, but my concept of independence changed completely once I became very ill. My parents had to look after me, and me being so ill, I didn’t really have a lot of say in the matter. I think looking back, when I became well enough to walk around and do small, everyday tasks, I was actually quite angry and sharp with my parents, because they’d fussed over me for so long and my independent self didn’t quite like that. But now, I’m grateful to my parents for dedicating themselves to my recovery in what must have been a worrying time for them.

Ahh, the power of hindsight. Even when I went into teaching and had to take occasional days off, I would spend days feeling really angry with myself, wondering what my colleagues would think of me and about the mountain of work that was probably building up. The last thing I thought about, ironically, was resting up, so I could get better and allow my body to recover. Even as I’m writing this, I  think about how strange these thoughts are. I’m not surprised that in most cases my worrying caused my illness to linger for longer than I would’ve liked.

This was when my interest in mind-body medicine began. As soon as I began to accept my situation (believe me, this took years!), and not wish it away, pretending it wasn’t happening, my perspective changed. I grew more patient with myself and began to feel grateful that my body was sensitive enough to let me know if I was pushing things too much, or if I could afford to use more energy. If you’re suffering from CFS though, you’ll know that this is a fine art. If I had a dollar for every time I thought I was ok and pushed on anyway, only causing myself more pain and fatigue, I’d be a very rich woman! It’s a bit of a vicious cycle, one which others rarely understand however much you try and explain, but if you stand back and accept the situation instead of fighting it, you might find yourself in a better situation, both physically and mentally.

Image found here

Make ‘acceptance of now’ your goal for the next 10 seconds, the next minute, the next hour, today and all your tomorrows….

Love and acceptance,


Feb 172015


Many of you have read about my belief that I think the reason Chronic Fatigue Syndrome started within me in the first place was because I was coming from a place of fear. Once I realised this fear, my healing really began and healing became expected and easy.

Fear comes in many forms and disguises. The most obvious, widely recognised forms of fear are phobias- spiders, snakes, the dark or small spaces. People respect these fears, are sympathetic towards those who have them and many take active steps to lessen their fears.

Fear however can be seen in us in many ways other than phobias. Many of these varieties are subtle, sneaky and even a bit uncomfortable at times. Have a look at the list of fear-based emotions below and see if any of these words and ideas resonate with you. Where are you frightened? Can you see where this fear comes from in your life?

fearPhoto taken from here

 Fear-Based Emotions

  • dishonesty (lying- to others and to yourself)
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • being boastful
  • feeling hopeless
  • despair / depression
  • panic
  • illness
  • fatigue
  • negativity
  • getting cold feet or giving up
  • excessive focus on the past or the future
  • jealousy and suspicion
  • shrinking away (not being your true self)
  • being too selfish / not considering other people’s opinions or views
  • pleasing other people
  • focusing on darkness
  • not confronting others for fear of arguments
  • not asking others to help you
  • feeling worthless
  • hiding away
  • feeling helpless
  • feeling alone

Now, once you’ve recognised these traits in yourself, replace your attitude with one of overwhelming love:

loveImage taken from here

Love-Based Emotions

Which negative emotions can you replace with loving ones today?

Love and more love,

Katie    xx

Feb 142015


(This was my very, very first blog post- published in February 2013. Bless me!)

Over the years I have developed a love of yoga and feel the benefits straight after class. I’m one of those people who goes to yoga for the spiritual benefits, rather than for getting fit and toned, although those are great reasons too. I particularly love hot yoga, but please be advised, this is not for everyone, especially in the early/transition stages of yoga. I’ve really had to learn to listen to my body and not go crazy doing too many classes at once.

Incorporating yoga and CFS has been a bit of a rough journey for me. At first, I was absolutely delighted to even make it through a class. Then, I would convince myself on the journey home that I would probably get ill in the morning, that I’d put my body under too much pressure. Low and behold  the morning after, I was achey and berating myself for even trying (there’s that mind-body communication again!) I’m currently living in Sydney where everyone gets up really early to go running and surfing, and people are generally super fit and healthy  So, why couldn’t I do more than one yoga class a month?! I’d gone from being happy with one class a month, to beating myself up for not doing 4 classes a week!

The key to yoga is taking to slowly. There’s a bit jump between being bed-ridden and trying to do some ‘easy’ yoga stretches! It’s a lot harder than it looks! Here are a few tips to help you along the way (again, I’m by no means an expert, so please listen to your body and do some further research):

* Investigate studios near your house, so you don’t have to worry about travelling to and from class, or being exhausted after it and having a long commute.

* Research different yoga types- I absolutely love Yin Yoga and could quite happily do every class on the schedule! Yoga Nidra is also very relaxing and focusses a lot on breath work and meditation. Yoga Nidra is thought to aid sleep and actually translates as ‘yogic sleep’.

* Make sure you phone or email a studio you are interested to ask if they feel they can cater to your needs or if there is a specific instructor in mind who could help you.

* Before attending your first class, make sure the instructor knows that you have been ill and are still recovering. Also, be sure to tell them about any muscle pain or difficulties you have. You’re probably not the only one experiencing some form of physical pain or discomfort, so don’t feel that you’re alone in needing adjustments!

* If you are in class and feel the exercises are too difficult, there is no shame is recovering by going into Child’s Pose. This has been one of the biggest challenges for me, as I always want to push myself and seem to compare myself to others quite a lot.

* Make sure you drink lots of water before and after class, and also prepare yourself a lovely nourishing meal afterwards. Many people recommend not eating 2 hours before class, but ask the studio to see what they recommend.

* If in any doubt, check with your doctor before attempting classes and if you don’t feel strong enough, don’t go!

Image found here

Yoga is meant to be relaxing and pleasurable, so remember not to push yourself or put to much pressure on yourself. Classes are supposed to be fun, not torturous!


Love, Katie

Click here for an article on hot yoga and CFS, and here for a little trick that might help you to shift your mindset when you walk into the yoga studio.

Feb 122015


I thought is was about time I created a manifesto for this website and for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’ve been meaning to bring this to you for so long, but it’s been on my wall for a while now and every time I look at it, I feel strong, powerful and full of universal spirit.

I think the manifesto says it all. This is the mission for my website and a list of the gifts I feel I have received while having and conquering CFS.


Please, please pin this on your bedroom wall, on the table next to your bed, on the fridge, in the car, in the bathroom, on the back of the front door, keep a copy in your wallet- anywhere where you know you’ll look regularly and where you know you’ll most need to be inspired. Pinning it in the bathroom, so you look at it morning if you’re not a morning person, for example, is a good one.

Click here to download your own copy of the manifestoThe CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME MANIFESTO

Share with your friends, your partner, your family, your children, your colleagues, your dog, the neighbours, you internet circle. Share the love.

You’ve got this thing covered.


Love and liberation,

Katie    xxx