Feb 182013

mother teresa

It took me a long time to accept during my period of illness that the magic of every day was in the little things- the things that some healthier people maybe took for granted. But whether you have CFS or not, there is knowledge and wisdom to be had celebrating the small things.

* Waking up and feel slightly more rested that you did before you went to bed

* Being able to move a little bit further than you did yesterday

* Enjoying a beautiful day without the sunlight hurting your eyes

* Listening to gorgeous bird song without feeing your head throb

* Enjoying a meal with your family, even if you can only manage a few spoonfuls

* Laughing and letting the laughter clear your head and heart

These are just a few things to be grateful for as you go through your journey. You will find that as you get better, you will automatically find reasons to be grateful. This won’t come easily, but it will come in time.

Love and laughter,



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