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Dec 312013


Over the past fews days, I’ve found myself becoming strangely introverted, unable to decide on anything and just wanting to spend time meandering around on my own. No, I’m not having a big crisis, but I’m feeling very much called to take stock, give big thanks and cleanse any unwanted bit-and-bobs out of my system, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In many ways 2013 was a huge year, but it was also incredibly frustrating. I had high, high hopes for 2013 and as amazing as it was (I started this blog for one thing), I found I put lots of obstacles in my own way. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about myself this year- where my blocks are and how I react to certain situations. I think the frustration side of things comes because I didn’t really have the chance to put a lot of what I’ve learned about myself into action…and this is where I think 2014 is going to come a-knockin’.

Thank you 2013


  • my other half (love him to bits!), who is my biggest teacher and funniest sidekick
  • new friends, who always seemed to appear just when I needed them
  • new insights and unveilings
  • giving me the courage to set up this little blog (thank you Universe!)
  • my lovely clients who’ve shared their journeys with me
  • published MindBodyGreen posts, shout-outs and internet lurve
  • my first printed article, featured in Wellbeing magazine (see below)
  • saying ‘yes’ to things I was sometimes sceptical about
  • opening my mind and listening with my whole body
  • the first, free round of the 4 Week Transformation Project
  • letting me uncover which of my buttons get pressed when and why
  • helping me be of service
  • letting me look forwards instead of behind
  • allowing what’s heavy and not-needed anymore to just fall away. It’s safe, honey-bun.

wellbeing magazine

Hit Me With It 2014

  • This body of mine is going to get a-movin’, big time! (As beautiful as yoga is, I think a little shaking it up is in order)
  • Some kind of detox is coming at the beginning of the year- I think it’ll come in the form of a juice/smoothie detox, but it’ll only scratch the service of what it really achieves
  • My big 3-0 (bah!) and a bit of a wedding (more details to follow!)
  • I want to be as big-hearted as I can be and hold space for more people, more of the time. I don’t know how this is going to look, but I’m ready to receive it.
  • I don’t know what is happening with this little blog of mine, but I’m waiting to be guided and be lead. The brakes are off and I surrender (For real this time. I’ve said it before, but I didn’t really mean it. This time, it’s on. Lead me.)


How About You, My Dear?

What did 2013 teach you? What do you feel is going to happen in 2014? What would you like to happen in 2014? They don’t have to be box-ticking goals (not a big fan, I like seeing how things unfold- it’s often more exciting that way, but if you’re a box-ticker, go for it) How do you want to feel? (Jump over to the amazing Danielle LaPorte’s website for more goals with soul)

Let me know in the comments below- I’d love to hear what’s going on with you.

All that’s left for me to say is a huge, breathy, unfathomable, immense THANK YOU for everything that you’ve taught me this year and for your continued support and love. I hope I can be as much service to you as you have been to me.

thanks very much

Image taken from Etsy

See you in 2014!

Love and gratitude,

Katie      xxx

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