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Jun 232015


Yes, you. No, not that you- that one, there! There you are! Hello! Bless you, glowing and flickering like an excited little candle.

You see, I’m sure you’ve probably forgotten all about you. I’m not talking about you ‘the mother’, you ‘the daughter’, you ‘the worker’, you ‘the ill person’ or you ‘the person who puts the brave face on it’. I’m talking about the lover, the creator, the rolling around with life-r, the peaceful, the abundant, the no-holds barred go-getter, the ‘to hell with it’ trier, the dancer and the appreciator.

You know, the you before all of the stuff kicked off? The you who knew who you were? The you who had a plan? Well, I’m still here, but I know you’ve forgotten about me. You’re forgotten about me because secretly you don’t think you’ll ever see me again, do you? Do you think this you’s all a dream, a fantasy, a cake you’ve already devoured?

Well, this you’s not angry you’ve forgotten about me. This you’s not wanting anything is return. No agendas, no smarmy tricks, no false promises.

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I’m just here to tell you that this you’s waiting. Waiting for you to uncover and remember your magnificent self, the bit that never left you, the light that never will leave you. The you that even though you shove it to the side because it’s to painful to listen, it’s still there. Waiting patiently, listening to your every sigh, ever ache, every thought and every tear.

If you only knew how magnificent this you is, then you’d heal, love, laugh and skip again. If you only knew how much I’m willing you to remember me, you’d listen and realise how magnificent and astonishing you truly are. You couldn’t ignore this you, because you’d be in awe for the rest of your days, as I am when I look at you.

But, you already know this you. You already know how fabulous this you is.

…and this part of you is what will keep you strong during your healing. You need this ‘you’. It’ll pull you through and stroke your hair when it gets really tough and you want to give in on yourself. But it’s not going to happen.

So, with a song I say, come back to you. Come back to your life and your dreams. Come back to your blanket of chance. Pick you up and listen to you as a guide always.

Never, ever let you go.


Katie      xx

  4 Responses to “Uncovering and Remembering ‘You’ during Chronic Illness”

  1. This was so beautifully written. I always connect to everything you say, it’s so comforting finding a blog totally suited to my life!

    • Aww, thank you Marina- I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. I love connecting with everyone too- thank you my lovely! xx

  2. I keep saying I just want to be myself again. It really feels like I never will sometimes, but, as usual, your words give me strength and hope. xoxo

    • It’s so difficult sometimes my love, isn’t it? Often we forget who we were and are scared of becoming a person who’s unfamiliar to us.

      Lots of love, Sheila- xx

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