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Feb 192016

What We All Need To Hear

There will be periods in life when you’re going through a bit of a difficult time, but there’s something missing.

what we all need to hear

I posted this on Facebook the other day and I’m so glad that it resonated with lots of you. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt as though I’ve been carried along on a very powerful current, but have sometimes struggled to keep my head above water.

I’ve been meditating like a crazy person, and have been craving more down time than usual. All my ego wants to do is justify WHY I’ve been feeling like this, but really, there’s no reason. There doesn’t always have to be a reason.

Change often sneaks up on us when we least expect it, and we often feel as though we’re doing our own frantic doggy paddle when there’s something we can’t see around the corner.

We can choose to go with the flow and stop fighting, or we can swim upstream and wear ourselves out.

I’ve come to realise that often, what appears to be a difficult time for you might not seem that big a deal for someone else, and this makes us feel a little powerless. We come to believe that we’re creating problems where there are none, and we tell ourselves that we’re stupid and that we’re a big of a drama queen (or king!)

But this super short video tells us what we all need to hear. We often wait for others to tell us this, but in many cases, it might never come. (This isn’t their fault, however). So, I rushed home the other day to make this video for you before the idea escaped me. This is what you’ve been waiting to hear, what we all need to hear at various points during our lives (including me).

I really hope this video resonates with you, my love. I certainly needed to hear this the other day too.

(Video length: 1m, 20s)

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Be gentle with yourself, my love.

Love, Katie    xxx

  8 Responses to “{VIDEO} What We All Need To Hear”

  1. Oh Katie, you brought me to tears. I needed to hear those words so badly and I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful videos. Much love to you xo

  2. Thank you for this!!

  3. I was Definitely Guided to YOU for the Very Reason YOU posted this!! You don’t realize how Important it was for ME to Hear this & Yes..I Immediately burst into Tears once You mentioned Pain. I’m always the One Encouraging & Cheering up someone else. So empathetic to others and just really haven’t gotten that in return. It resonated with me so well!!
    I’m a Go Getter and haven’t been able to do as much as I used too which frustrate’s me.
    Thank You So Much for putting yourself out there. I hope to do the same once I’m better.

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