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This is the topic I’m always asked the most about – CFS Acceptance.

The Little CFS Book of Acceptance

The first release from this little CFS shop was born of my desire to want you to feel safe and secure in your own body and mind exactly as you are at the moment. Chances are, if you have CFS, you might not like where you are right now, but it doesn’t mean you have resign yourself to things never getting better. This book is a collection of revised and brand new articles which guide you through the steps to accepting your life as it is and cracking yourself open to the possibility of the new. In my own journey of complete healing from CFS, once I really understood this concept, my healing accelerated in ways I never thought possible.


A Bit Of Background…

This first book, ‘The Little CFS Book of Acceptance’, is one in a series of mini e-books about the ins-and-outs of CFS and fatigue-related illness. It it aimed at those on their own healing journeys, but I will eventually have some books to help those without CFS to understand what the illness means and how it can affect us.

Because the book is part of a mini-series, the price will be less than a standard e-book. I hope that we’ll be able to put it up as a Kindle book and in the Apple store very shortly as well.

This Book is for you if:

  • you’ve reached a place in your CFS journey where you feel there’s more to it than meets the eye
  • you’re feeling lost and need to get back on track
  • you’ve become despondent and not as shiny as you normally are
  • you feel as if you’re never going to see the back of this illness

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Book Contents

  • What Does Acceptance Really Mean?
  • Acceptance Isn’t The Same As Giving In
  • Where is my Finish Line?
  • Getting Honest With Yourself- The Hardest Part of CFS
  • How To Accept Help From Others
  • 5 Techniques To Feel Acceptance When You’re Too Sick To Move
  • The Main Lessons I’ve Learned from CFS/M.E.
  • In Short…

Pay What You Can

This book is a ‘Pay What You Want’ e-book, meaning that there is a recommended price, but you are welcome to give a fair price and pay what you want.

You will receive both the PDF and the iBook version of the e-book.

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 I read The Little CFS Book of Acceptance and I loved every minute. I’m still processing the information, my only wish was that it was longer…I wanted to continue reading your words of encouragement and insight for hours. I took notes and I’m hoping to write up some of my favourite sayings onto note cards to hang around my home as inspiration and to use as personal affirmations.

I am definitely growing to accept my illness and my limitations, and I’ve learned from you that acceptance doesn’t always have to mean you’ve given up. I’ve also learned that a lot can come from compromise. I know, after reading your book, that I will conquer this terrible disease. That word…conquer, it has become one of my favorite words. I love how little changes to our vocabulary can have a genuine effect on how we process information in our mind and filter it through our body. I am accepting this illness as a learning experience, and I hope to continually learn why I was given this gift and how it can make me a better wife, mother, and friend, and person.
You are brilliant Katie. I cannot thank you enough for what you have brought into the life of me and my family. You have helped me rediscover the greatest gift in the entire world…HOPE! On that note, I hope you will continue to write and share your gifts and talents with the world. – Tara B.
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