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  1. Hi Katie – Love your articles! Why don’t you get on Google+? Lots of people sharing positive stuff and you can join some communities like “health and living”. Would love to follow you. My journey is very similar to yours!

    • Hi Susan- thanks so much for your comment. Really glad you’re enjoying the articles. Am currently trying to sort the Google+ thing out, so hopefully you’ll be able to follow me soon! Thanks so much for the advice!

      Katie xx

  2. Katie, I love your articles and the way you have lay out and designed your page. It is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with the world. I have been researching a lot on Chronic and adrenal fatigue and I see that I have many of the symptoms but I can’t get to trust any traditional doctor who I know, will fill me up with tons of drugs to attack the symptoms not the real causes. How did you get on to confirm diagnosis? Anyone in your network that you can recommend here in Florida?

    Thanks a lot. I’m so willing to do anything to get back to life live to the fullest…


    • Hi Fiorella (what a beautiful, beautiful name!) Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I’m based in Sydney, Australia, but the key with doctors is always to trust that you will get the right doctor for you at the time. I was always petrified of doctors, but just trust that all will be well.

      Going to a doctors for a diagnosis is important, as other problems have very similar symptoms to CFS, such as Glandular Fever and Thyroid issues. The decision to go to the doctors was taken for me by a friend, as I was incredibly ill, but I’m so grateful that I was diagnosed when I was. I wrote an article about this here: I hope it helps!

      I’ll be writing a post on Adrenal Fatigue soon, so don’t forget to like me on Facebook to stay up-to-date. Stay strong and positive Fiorella- you’ll get there, beautiful!

      Love and healing, Katie xx

  3. I love your site Katie, It’s giving me so much strength at the mo, thank you!! I’ve been trying to find positive M.E websites and yours is so wonderful. xx

    • Awww, thank you so, so much Katy (great name, by the way ;) ) – that really means a lot. The whole reason I started this blog was because there’s a lot of negativity out there (although often for good reasons), but I wanted to show people that there is another way.

      Thanks again Katy- have a beautiful day! xx

  4. I am watching the videos that you posted, Katie, and really enjoying your web site. Thank you! I am the author of I Have Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but it Doesn’t Have Me! and I can relate to everything here! :)

    • Hi Chantal! Aww, thank you so, so much my lovely- I really appreciate it! I’ve known about your site for a while- you’re an inspiration! Thank you my darling! xx

  5. Hi, just started navigating this blog…….. And not sure if this is already written about but I would love to hear stories/personal experiences with CFS and relationships. I guess it is probably a bit personal for the partner but I’ve just found my relationship dynamics so different to others, as having to incoporate the adjustments (due to CFS) seems so different from any ”normal” relationship.
    I have lost all my friends years ago due to CFS and recenlty a relationship with the man I was going to marry.
    Or do you know of any blogs that write about relationships with CFS??

    Thankyou for the positive aspect on CFS, although it served me in my early years of diagnosis, and it serves many more, I’m finding I want to surround myself with more positive aspects of this ‘life lesson’ and this blog looks like it’s might be just that.

    This is long… Sorry but how long did you find you had to do the chakra cleansing to notice any shift in your energy??? I understand everyone’s different on there healing journey but I admit I’m a little curious :) :) :) as I’m been doing the chakra cleansing for a few months now.

    • Hi Katie (great name ;) !) I wrote a two-part post on relationships, detailing how things worked for myself and husband: click here for part one and here for part two. I also wrote a post on how to cope with losing friends which you can read here.

      As for the chakra cleanse, I think it varies from person to person as to how long it takes to notice a shift. For me, it didn’t take too long, but I’d already been meditating and working on my chakras for a little while. I’d say to definitely stick with it though- it’s incredibly powerful!

      Take care good care of yourself my love- thank you for reaching out!


  6. Hi Katie

    I shared my personal recovery story with Dan Neuter the other day (he is yet to post it however) and he mentioned that our journeys were very similar, especially in the synergy of our business offerings (post illness) and that we might do well to connect. So thought I would say hi.

    My website is


  7. Hi Katie,
    Is there a way to access the CFS hangout? I missed it and can’t seem to access the video!

  8. Hi, I would like to book the 6 mentor sessions with you but do not have a pay pal account and don’t really want to set one up, can I pay by credit card ? Or email money transfer ? I live in Canada

  9. Hi Katie,

    Are you running another one of these?


  10. Hi Katie, this article broke today and I thought you’d find it an interesting read!
    Cheers, heather x

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